Enlarged prostate, BPH, natural remedies and lifestyle

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I realize this question has been put a few times, in various permutations. I would however like to ask a general version, to see if it can provide more information. It is unclear why this condition arises, while hormones are suspected. This alone concerns me, as whenever thats the case, there is a lot of guess work. Looking at diet and lifestyle, small studies with low sample volumes make large claims about which foods and such impact the condition. Such as "saturated fats bad, protein good". Kind of nonsense it would seem.

In terms of herbs, there are a host of herbs and supplements.

Saw palmetto extract, and coconut oil, seem to have in common a logical mechanism, by blocking a hormonal conversion (without, seemingly the side effects of the pharma drugs that do the same, which reduce libido and cause sexual dysfunction). Saw palmetto probably has more side effects than say, a medium chain fat extract from coconut oil, if that is the mechanism.

Prostate massage seems to provide some short term relief, as does more frequent orgasm. But obviously this isn't addressing any causes.

Beta-sitosterol is also widely touted, although saw palmetto extract seems like more of a known quantity in terms of its effects on the body, that a narrow extract.

Cialis and other pde5 inhibitors have a positive effect of BPH, some of which has been experimentally verified. This may imply that milder plant pde5 inhibitors, like horny goat weed may be useful.

For lifestyle one wonders what diet, excercise and so on may have an impact. If indeed the mechanism also relates to estrogen, it would seem avoiding dairy might be on the agenda?

I definately do not want to take pharma drugs with their unduely high side effects.

Its all a bit murky, and as usual with such obscurities, I expect paleohacks, and the paleosphere has more coherent thoughts on this than mainstream nutritrion and medicine. Any advice on any of these elements?



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I should also mention the contradictory statements about alcohol. Some sources say it reduces risk, others say in worsens symptoms. I am not a huge drinker, and I drink only clear spirits, but I wonder about this as well.

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