Lynne suffering from "Mud Butt"

Commented on February 11, 2012
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I had cancer & radiation, (8 sites), 20 years ago. The tumor was 1mm from my bowel tissue. I've had constant IBS, etc, lactose intolerance, the first 5 years were the worst, however, my husband (a healthy tri-athlete) started Paleo. I decided to stop bucking the system & planning multiple meals & joined the Paleo craze. I made him mini cupcakes w/coconut flour, coconut milk, baking soda, Special K Protein Cereal, Raisins, eggs, coconut oil, honey, vanilla. I doubt he ate any, last week end, I ate 4 w/coconut ice milk to try to get rid of them, they tasted like straw. The carrot bread is good, (w/macadamia's)the banbana bread is by far the BEST, put them in 9 x13 pans, you get 2 cakes if you double the recipe. They last much longer & are firm in the center, no problem! WE LOVE ANNA'S BANANA'S, DIPPED IN DARK CHOCOLATE IN HEALTH FROZEN SECTION! I've been unable to lay flat, stand, bend over, stoop, in the past week... I've added, Butt Paste Diaper Cream, Lomotil x 8 daily, worst EVER, I've typically need 2 daily, with a flair up. Bananas, rice, breads, starches, carb - anything binding, many panty liners, 800 baby wipes & dozens of showers. I'm like a baby, having blow outs. My husband threw the cupcakes away, since there are no preservatives, I was pushing it! I'm a slave to my rest room! Does anyone know how long it takes to correct itself? I very much appreciate your consideration!



on February 11, 2012
at 04:28 PM

I agree--this calls for a doctor visit. If you can get in quickly, I'd stop eating for now and just sip something soothing like bone broth or even ginger ale. If you don't already, I'd be thinking about using some probiotic foods when you're better and eat raw fruits and vegetables to nourish the good gut bugs.



on February 11, 2012
at 03:28 PM

Incontinance can be a sign of many different issues....could be just that the food went bad, but due to some other possibilities being quite severe and given your history perhaps you should report this to your doctor for evaluation. We don't have near enough information to determine how severe this could be.

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