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Answered on December 04, 2017
Created October 07, 2017 at 4:18 PM

Suffering from suspected Adrenal Fatigue (already have bloodworm results, waiting for DUTCH test results to come back). Likely causes: Crazy stressful year, coupled with being post-menopausal, 12 months of a Vegan diet and a possible genetic predisposition. Pending a definitive and comprehensive diagnosis, my Dr. has put me on what is akin to a Paleo-ish diet for now - mainly lean animal protein, dairy & gluten free low sugar, limited carbs, selected vegetables and limited fruit.
Just made my first 2 batches of Bone Broth; 1 chicken and 1 beef. I used organic, grass fed beef soup bones & marrow bones, and organic pasture raised chicken soup bones & necks.
I roasted them first (450* for 40 mins), then they sat 30 minutes in the cold water/ACV bath. I slow simmered the chicken for 24 hours; strained then cooled it to close to room temp. I then fridged it in a large bowl overnight. This morning I skimmed off the fat- its gelled beautifully btw - and portioned it out into glass canning jars (left headroom) and froze them. I plan to cook the beef for a total of 48 hours and then follow the same protocol.

Q1: Do you see any flaws in my production?
Q2: Must Bone Broth be heated to boiling prior to consumption for safety reasons?
Q3: I read somewhere that if I choose to dilute my broth before consuming I should make sure I'm getting at least 150mls of the pure gel per serving; is this valid? I'm actually fine with eating it undiluted, I'm just wondering if I can stretch out a batch that way or if I need to resign myself to making it more often (I got 32 oz from the chicken batch).
Q4: I made mine over the stove in a stock pot; have you noticed any appreciable difference in the results when you use the crock pot?

Thanks in advance!

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on December 04, 2017
at 09:08 PM

I’ve read one article that found that roughly a pound of raw chopped bones plus 2 pints water simmered for seven hours gives a broth with a similar mineral profile to human milk. I cook a whole chicken than cook the carcass in a crockpot with about 3 pints of water overnight. It yields an excellent gelatinous broth that I feed my toddler in place of milk. He’s on a ketogenic/ low carb diet to prevent seizures. I just warm it up enough to liquefy it usually by adding  an ounce or so of hot water. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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