Favorite online sources for grass fed broth bones?

Answered on September 08, 2016
Created April 04, 2013 at 4:01 PM

What's your favorite source online for grass fed broth bones? What kind of bone, from what kind of animal?

There's 2 places in my area that has grass fed meat (frozen), and right next to it broth bones. However it's not clear that the bones are grass fed, or if anything is grass fed from start to finish. I may have to order online if they cannot clear this up for me.

Also, to you, what's a good price for certain types of broth bones? I've noticed that at one brick and mortar place had an 8 in beef thigh bone (non-organic) for $8. At first I thought this was way too much for something most people throw away, but realised that maybe it can yield a large quantity of gelatine and broth, is this reasonable? I have a 7 qt. Crock pot.

I have PCOS and am more interested in gelatin and broths now because they contain amino acids that can help reduce inflammaton and help increase insulin sensitivity. I'm specifically interested in gelatin/skins ability to reduce inflammation caused by the types of amino acids in muscle meat since I've always been more of a meat eater than my husband on a SAD diet.

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5 Answers


on September 08, 2016
at 12:36 PM

Checkout Seven Sons Farms. They have a great selection of grassfed beef bones and lamb bones for broth.


on June 15, 2013
at 12:12 PM

I like White Oak Patures: http://whiteoakpastures.com/

I have gotten the Oxtail bones, Bone Marrow, and will be getting Beef Knuckle.


on May 02, 2013
at 08:50 PM


Hands down the best online resource.



on April 04, 2013
at 06:29 PM

Slanker's ships them for ~$2/pound.


on February 26, 2015
at 05:01 PM

Slanders has updated their website and prices. It's now upwards of $6 pound



on April 04, 2013
at 05:55 PM

You don't say what part of the country (or what country!) you are in. Try calling U.S. Wellness Meats and speak to a live person. I bet they can help.

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