Cutting through bone? (getting your hands dirty)

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 19, 2013 at 9:46 AM

I received a batch of bones yesterday preparing for my first bone broth but they are way too big for my slow cooker, how do you guys go about hacking them up?

Most of all i need to cut a pigs foot in half, i figure just go buy a saw from the DIY shop & put my hands to work

I partly made the thread incase anyone has a better idea then a saw from the DIY shop, or some tips on how to not make a massive mess, but also because it occured to me this is probably a good thing for people to do, to get really hands on with your food

I know paleo humans didn't have blades to cut bones but im sure they got hands on with animal parts morseso than we do, i'm a firm believer that if you are prpared to eat an animal you should be prepared to kill, skin, gut it, etc... Apart from women & young children because i think it would be natural for the man to hunt/kill & in my experience women are naturally more squeamish with that kinda thing

I still laugh at myself when i crack an egg into the pan then go to wash my hands, but i eat raw eggs, just lick your fingers silly! It's amusing how we can be eating the right food yet still be so out of touch with it

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on April 19, 2013
at 04:21 PM

For your viewing pleasure: Anatomy of Thrift

This deserves an award. Beats anything on T.V. anyday. Lest you worry it is spam, it is not. It is a very well done three part series on butchering a hog.


on April 19, 2013
at 12:57 PM

If they are hard weight-bearing bones then you will indeed need a saw of some kind. Butchers use a band saw, you can probably use a hack saw, or there are culinary saws. Be careful that you don't get any bone fragments in the food.

If the bones are smaller and more like tendons and ligaments then you can maybe hack through them with a cleaver.

We bought a half steer a while back and still have some of the bones, the marrow bones are way too hard to cut but fortunately were cut into 1-4" lengths for us. The tendons make good dog bones and I can also hack them up with a heavy cleaver.

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