Bone Broth Soup

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 04, 2013 at 12:19 PM

What do folks like to put in their bone broth to make soup?

The latest thing that I've been putting in my soup is enoki mushrooms. I use them instead of noodles. Because they are long and skinny, they sort of fill the noodle void that I've been missing in soups.

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5 Answers


on February 05, 2013
at 12:42 AM

Ground beef or chopped leftover steak, kale (or some other leafy green), sauteed minced onion, ginger, peppers, sometimes mushrooms. Cheap, filling, healthy and very very tasty.


on February 04, 2013
at 02:52 PM

I love making my grand mother's traditional bone broth soup but the paleo way. I usually like adding carrots, celery, corn. I do add a few mushrooms as well when I have them in store. Enoki mushrooms are great and yeah, they do make up for the absence of noodles. I also like to add few bits of meat in my soup.



on February 04, 2013
at 10:51 PM

i like a little minced dulce


on February 04, 2013
at 09:00 PM

I have a gut to keep healthy so I cannot do mushrooms (the fungus factor). I make my broth like this:


I sometimes add a little potato (cooked) to a bowl

and then ad shredded green kale, use a little braggs amino acids and have a lovely, hearty soup.



on February 04, 2013
at 02:45 PM

I just drink it for the most part.

However, I do soup maybe once a week, and I tend to use stew/kabab type meat -- mainly goat or grass fed beef; I may even slice the pieces thinner. I prefer thin soups -- basically phở without noodles. As far as vegetables go ... well, sky's the limit!

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