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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 28, 2013 at 2:09 PM

When making bone broth in a slow cooker / crock pot, is it okay to start the setting on low, rather than setting it on high, letting it simmer, and then turning it to low?

I ask because I set my crock pot to low on accident last night and I woke up this morning (six hours later) and the water is barely simmering. I was wondering essentially if this broth is even safe or if it has been in "the danger zone" for too long.

Thank you in advance, Jared

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3 Answers



on March 28, 2013
at 05:57 PM

Today's crockpots cook very high, even on Low. They are actually made to cook at higher temps than old crockpots. You are totally safe. I've even been known to hook mine up to a dimmer to I can lower the temp, as sometimes my gentle simmer turns into an all out boil, even on Low.



on March 28, 2013
at 05:03 PM

I make broth in my slow cooker all the time on low. I also cook meat in there on low. I have yet to have a problem. Think about it. You can throw a whole raw chicken in there on low and it comes out safe and fully cooked. There is no reason that a broth that is (presumably) made out of already cooked pieces of carcass would somehow become unsafe in there. A good broth is going to be in there for 8 hours to several days anyways, plenty of time to cook off anything dangerous.


on March 28, 2013
at 03:23 PM

The meat "danger zone" is below 140F. If your pot is actually simmering, that means its temperature is about 200F. If you have any kind of food thermometer, just stick it in there and see if it's above 140F, if it is you're fine.

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