Pressure Cooker Bone Stock - WTF?

Commented on October 09, 2016
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So I've been making bone stock in a slow cooker for over a year, and have no problem with my results. I just purchased an instant pot however, and am confused as to what went wrong with my first batch. I used beef marrow and meaty bones (what I generally make my stock with) as well as a few leftover bones I had frozen. I cooked them on high pressure for 2 hours. Instead of the rich brown stock that I am used to getting from my crock pot, my stock came out a much lighter color. It looks more like chicken broth, but less appealing. The smell was very strong, and not the smell I am used to - it's pretty bad. I let it cool overnight, and it is quite gelatinous, so I drank 12oz this morning (the taste was also bad compared to my slow cooker stuff). 12+ hours later I'm fine, so I'll probably drink the rest of the batch.. Not sure what gives.. I don't think its the bones, same source I always get them from and they looked/smelled normal before cooking(they now smell bad like the broth, also some have a strange gray rubbery/gelatinous texture). I'm hesitant to make another batch with the instant pot before I figure this out. Was hoping someone has had a similar experience as I'm having a hard time figuring this out and would prefer not to waste more bones on another batch. 



on October 09, 2016
at 03:22 PM

Did you remove the marrow from the bones before making the broth?  I usually roast marrow bones in the oven and then add a bit of salt and eat them first.

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