Paleo Ezcema Bone Broth Elimination Diet? Pospartum

Asked on March 06, 2016
Created March 05, 2016 at 9:22 PM

I've been paleo just over three years which included a paleo pregnancy, now 1 year postpartum. Since my child's birth, I've found that I may be allergic to egg whites. I have been experiencing eczema on my eyes. I recently reintroduced egg whites and have the worse flare up I've ever had. Prior to pregnancy I did not have eczema.

Today my eyes are swollen much like did years ago due to a food allergy. I'm trying to keep this short without a lengthy history.

My question is this: Has anyone done a bone broth only elimination diet? I just finished an AIP whole30 in Janurary, Feburary I added in whole eggs and developed eczema halfway through. It's taking forever to go away. I'm so desperate to heal this flare up and determine my triggers. I think I may be allergic to a vegetable or fruit, so I'm wanting to start from absolute scratch, which is why I'm thinking bone broth. I'm still nursing my son, but I figure bone broth is rich enough to sustain my supply.

If not just bone broth, what foods would be considered 'safe' to start with? I know I'm not allergic to beef so that's a start. Anyone allergic to strawberries, oranges, celery?

Thank you for any input.

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