Odd intolerances - beef, chicken, eggs, & broccoli

Answered on February 26, 2015
Created November 04, 2014 at 4:02 AM

Brief introduction, fighting mystery illness for the past 7 years, Grain free since May 2011, sugar free since February 2012. Still am reacting to eggs, beef, and even chicken. Pretty much all cruciferious vegetables give me problems, either through constipation, brain fog, or fatigue. Brussel Sprouts and cabbage cause fatigue, Cauliflower causes constipation, and Broccoli is the biggest offender, causing all three. I also have similar reactions to avacado as well, I'm starting to run out of things to eat. I also have trouble with olive and coconut oil.

Before I restricted my diet my list of health issues was a mile long, and many have been resolved, however still have brain fog and chronic fatigue. Have had multiple tests performed, including some that showed that I had antibodies against my brain, thyroid, and stomach. Unfortunately, I have to eat, but everything I seem to touch ends up in some type of reaction. Even bone broth had gotten to the point where I would react within about 10 to 15 minutes of consuming it, generally causing me fatigue and terrible brain fog. I can go into much greater detail if need be.

I am currently taking antifungals to fight candida, Anyone have some words of advice?


on February 26, 2015
at 08:14 PM

 Thank you for the answer Linda_Popic, can I ask what you are doing to help remedy some of your sypmtoms?


on February 25, 2015
at 01:40 AM

Hi HoosierFan,

Sorry to hear about your illness. I have some similar symptoms, and I've been diagnosed with salicylate, amine and glutamate intolerance by the allergy unit of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Australia. Google RPAH food intolerance or Fed Up Australia. 

All herbs are very high in salicylates, which is probably why you can't tolerate them. Bone broths will be high in amines (histamine is one type of amine). The way food is prepared or stored can alter it's composition of the natural chemicals. I myself am struggling to treat the food intolerances - which are likely the result of leaky gut - when therapeutic remedies typically involve foods or supplements which contain sals, amines or glutamates!

I'm still on the path to healing myself, but so far have found the following facebook support groups helpful:

Sue Dengate Failsafe Group
Beyond Failsafe... GAPS
Beyond Failsafe - Biomed Chat

Good luck!


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3 Answers



on February 26, 2015
at 11:06 PM

I do have some adivice:

1. Try the following: peal and cut zucchini. Boil the heck out of it, puree in blender with boiled water. Eat as soup. I add a little bit of olive oil, you don't have to. Try the same with pumpkin, carrot, even onions. Eat what agrees with you.

2. Try supplementing b-vitamins, magnesium water (donat MG). Supplementing biotin really help me, I get it from pure encapsulations.

3. Try (with care) some sauerkraut juice (Bubbies). One piece of sauerkraut at a time.

Let me know how it goes! Good luck!





on November 09, 2014
at 11:29 PM

Do digestive enzymes help you at all?  Do you tolerate kale or chard? 

You might check into sulfur (MTHFR pathway stuff) and low sulfur foods, also salicylates and perhaps histamine. 

http://brainhealthbook.com/datis-kharrazian/  is worth a look, because of the brain fog. He has a lot to say about digestion too. 

Some of the issues could relate to the candida that you are already tackling. In general, I tihnk you could try to include as many anti-histaminic spices in your diet as possible. I am not sure you are describing a histamine problem, per se, but these spices are anti-inflammatory and will help over all.   http://alisonvickery.com.au/21-anti-histamine-foods-that-fight-inflammation-and-stabilise-mast-cells/


on November 10, 2014
at 02:27 PM

Thanks rht,

A lot of what you said is definitely inline with my thinking. I added in some Thorne Betaine HCL a couple weeks ago and that seemed to help a little, however I haven't added any digestive enzymes. I cut out salicylates about a year and a half ago, but still ate zucchini until recently. The reactions consisted of ringing ears and my face and ears turning red. I also looked into low sulfur foods, unfortunately it seems like if something doesn't fall into one category it falls into another. The last time I tried Tumeric, my brain fog got worse. It's been very challenging to say the least.

I have not tried kale in a couple of years because I have thyroid issues. I'm sure all of this is just a result of dysbiosis and leaky gut, however, it's hard to get any better when my body seems to be reacting to everything and causing further damage to my GI tract.

I recently just listened to a podcast with Dr. Kharrazian on it, I think he is spot on with his theories on the development of leaky gut. My greatest fear is the permanent damage being caused by my leaky gut, as I have now begun producing antibodies, some of which are against structures in the brain. I'm only 26, so losing cognitive function is incredibly worrying.  



on November 10, 2014
at 05:57 PM

On the plus side, a 26 year old has some serious bounce back capacity!  I would encourage you to try enzymes because you need to extract the max nutrition from the foods you are able to eat. Perhaps there's some sort of test to see if this is overkill, but they don't cost very much.

Using herbs and spices as a way to increase nutrient density may be a good strategy. For example, parsley inhibits histamine release.   I think Vickery's logic makes a lot of sense, but the candida removal is the main issue.    


 Is the olive oil more or less processed?  More processed may be a plus for you at this point as it removes some of the problematic sals from the olive oil.   The mast cell disorder forums would be a good support place for you, more so than the food chemical ones (Fed Up, etc) because of the candida.      And the Paleos are too healthy, although I think you will make your way back here; you've already had some health issues resolve!

  One last thing, you may need to check into MTHFR type issues in more depth. I don't understand it very well, but the sulfur and acetylcholine (Dr. K. mentions that) are important.  And as I understand it, the compound in tumeric is also in the cruciferous, so it at least makes sense that it is a problem for you.    


on November 12, 2014
at 03:41 PM

Thanks againe rht,

I definitely appreciate the words of wisdom and encouragement, they are much needed. I started taking Da Vinci All Zyme a couple days ago. Unsure if it is helping, but at this point pretty low cost addition to the supplement list. 

It seems like candida and leaky gut are at the center of this entire thing, histamine intolerance, sulfur intolerance, and salicylates intolerance. Luckily it seems like more and more people like me are getting some relief now that the medical community are taking cases like mine more seriously. 

I used both an extra version organic olive oil and just a cheap light olive oil at different times, both seemed to create the same brain fog issue. I'll look into the other forums as well, just hopeful for a little relief, dealing with cognitive impairment is by far the must frustrating part of all of this.

I ordered Dr. K's book and will be giving it a closer look this weekend, hoping to unearth some nuggets of wisdom.


on November 04, 2014
at 04:45 PM

Age/Weight/Height/Gender/Legitimate Conditions (Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.)/Diet

A little more data would help in giving advice. At the moment it sounds like you have nonspecific symptoms whose cause can't really be determined. There is no link between the foods you pointed out and the symptoms you describe, so it could be that you have a specific medical condition or that it's all in your head; either way there's not enough info to determine which one.

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