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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 04, 2012 at 8:01 PM

I made some chicken bone broth and then broke open the bones open to keep cooking...and then decided to just chuck the whole thing in the blender. Not all the bones blended well; I strained the broth and now have a milky broth that I presume is mineral-rich...perhaps too mineral rich? Should I limit my intake?

Is there a difference in mineral extraction in simmering versus blending? It seems blending would be more efficient, but am I missing something by not cooking the shebang for a super long time? I figure I am avoiding oxidation by blending, no?

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4 Answers


on November 04, 2012
at 10:24 PM

The human stomach can digest small bones so I'd say you're golden!



on November 04, 2012
at 10:22 PM

Off the top of my head, when you simmer the bones the minerals are being extracted. When the bones are blended they are just broken down to a smaller size. I don't know how bioavailable pulverized bones are, but it would seem to be more work for the body to break down. I'm sure your broth tastes great but I personally think that simmering would be the best way to go.



on November 04, 2012
at 09:32 PM

That sounds delicious and I wish I had a blender that strong. I can't think of any reason not to eat your fill of the broth, sounds yummy.



on November 04, 2012
at 08:35 PM

Have you chilled it to see how it gels up? For me personally, the thought of eating blended up bones (strained or not) is just gross.

I guess you'll have to experiment on yourself :) See how you tolerate it/what happens after you consume it. I'm curious.

Edit: To add, I've been making bone broth from my chicken carcasses and I cook it low and slow for usually 24 hours until the bones can be mushed into the pulp and strain it once. I love drinking a cup of this broth a day, and add it into other things for a boost nutritionally too

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