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Answered on July 09, 2016
Created June 30, 2016 at 6:59 PM

I'm dealing with candida problems and I am looking for a protein shake. I have found Ancient Nutrition Vanilla Bone broth protein but I am concerned about the ingredients. It contains the following: chicken bone concentrate, xanthum gum, guar gum, luo han guo extract, and stevia extract. Do any of these ingredients spike blood sugar or feed candida?

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on July 06, 2016
at 04:17 PM

Hi there!

What about trying out the "Pure" version?  It does not look like anything else is added. I have been drinking this for about a week in my morning smoothies and I personally like the taste.  However, I do mix it with frozen berries, almond milk, nut butter, some vanilla extract, cinammon, and 1/4 avocado. So I am not drinking it on its own. This protein definitely fills me up!  Before I was using hemp protein.  

I hear great things about pea protein too.  I was just drawn to this bone broth protein since I hear such great things about bone broth!

I also heard from Dr. Axe that drinkning Pau d'Arco tea is supposed to be helpfuli n getting rid of candida problems.



on July 09, 2016
at 06:35 AM

Why not make your own? Just beef or chicken bones, JUST cover with water, add juice of a lemon, 2 or 3 bay leave, 6 or 7 black pepper corns and either 2 hours in an electric pressure cooker or 10 in a crockpot and for almost no money you have very pure bone broth with no added worrying chemicals of the sort that nearly always seem to be added by commercial producers.


on July 06, 2016
at 10:17 AM

Bone Broth Protein-Pure. Bone Broth is rich in protein, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate, and provides key minerals and amino acids often missing from the modern diet. Surthrival is proud to partner with Ancient Nutrition, to bring you Bone Broth Protein Powder.

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