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Answered on November 16, 2013
Created November 16, 2013 at 12:17 PM

Right started the paleo diet last two weeks

Cut out all carbs ( apart from carb from veg , nut ,fruit

I have 2-3 serving of fruit one being berries

Eat lots of Tuna , turkey , bacon , chicken little red meat

Good amount of veg

Avoid sugar and dairy where I can

My job

Landscape gardener ( heavy lifting 8.30-5)

Workout 5-6 times a week

Each workout contains 24mins of H.i.i.t training with 3 of the workouts containing drop set weight workouts and the other 2-3 workouts containing crossfit workouts

I'm about 12-14 % bodyfat

I want to Lose more how can I

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on November 16, 2013
at 11:28 PM

Don't. You're obsessing about your body fat. You're at the lower end of athletic and dipping into the bare essentials. However, there's nothing wrong with adapting a healthy paleo diet and you could look and feel better for it.

Your work is very physical and then you exercise more after work on most days. This is pathological, IMO. You're doing more harm than good and will likely not live a long, healthy life. Your body will probably begin to give out by your early 50's to late 60's (perhaps sooner if your diet isn't ideal) and you will be in agony by old age, if you ever reach it.

Eat healthy and keep generally fit. If your livelihood doesn't depend on you having 12% body fat and bulging muscles (you're not a professional body builder or a model right?) then why would you torture your body into such an ungodly condition?

It's obviously not the answer you're looking for but seriously, step back and consider the big picture. I beg of you.


on November 16, 2013
at 11:32 PM

Ok thanks for the advice @Methodician

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