Question on ACV/Apple Cider Vinegar - is this helping or hurting my digestion?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 23, 2013 at 6:28 PM

Hello All!
I'm a 'bodybuilder'-type (ie lots and lots of eating!!) who moved to "paleo"(whatever that even means..) foods several months ago, and am having a bit of trouble stomaching the nutes that, until recently, were typically coming from ~50% powders - ie I've put steaks and taterz where weightgain shakes used to be.
I feel better and all that, but am having a resurgence of my old-nemesis, GERD/heartburn/reflux/etc. (NOTE that this was fine/managed when I swapped to 'paleo'; I'm guessing this change is due to consuming bulkier, 'undigested' foods that simply cannot process as quickly as powders had. Also want to note that my digestion is otherwise fine, I've 'adapted' to the eating changes just fine besides when gorging - but gorging, regardless of what you might think about it, is part/parcel for me)

Enter ACV. This past week, I've been toying-around with taking a shot or two of ACV after having eaten particularly heavy meals, and think that it's helped a bit - is this likely or am I just experiencing placebo? I guess I'm hoping that, taken after heavy meals, it's acidity is helping digestion, at least 'digestion' of the last 10% of the meal that's still barely cleared the esophagus!

Any thoughts or tips are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

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5 Answers



on April 23, 2013
at 10:56 PM

I brew a cup of fennel tea and mix in 1tbs ACV + 1tbs Aloe Vera Juice and drink it while I prepare dinner -- I've found it incredibly helpful. I also drink kombucha daily which has had a noticeable effect as well.



on April 23, 2013
at 09:54 PM

When I used to take ACV for digestion, I took it 30 min or so BEFORE eating. Got some warm water, 2 tbspns and chugged. Pleasant? No. Effective? Yes.

I also found Chia seeds to be helpful...THIS I took immediately after meals.

Of course it may be different for you, but this worked well for me. Good luck!

NOTE: Be careful of the acidity being bad for your teeth. Make sure your rinse with at least some water after.



on April 23, 2013
at 08:47 PM

Yes, ACV can be helpful with indigestion and increasing your stomach acid. You might also want to look into Swedish Bitters, which are traditionally used for this type of thing. Many people swear by them. Other option are ginger and DGL (licorice-based).

Here's one helpful article: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/gerd-symptoms-causes-natural-remedies



on April 24, 2013
at 02:46 AM

i've been taking it for candida overgrowth. i take it before my meals and LOVE the taste. i could seriously chug a bottle of that stuff.


on April 24, 2013
at 02:00 AM

I have GERD and asthma both that aggravate the heck out of each other. ACV helps with both, BUT I do not recommend doing straight shots. What I do is I just eyeball about two tablespoons worth into the bottom of a glass and fill the rest with water. I sip at it the rest of the day. I very rarely have any GERD symptoms anymore and ACV has other benefits, as well, like being good for the lungs and helping to break down foods so they're easily usable by your body. It also helps with weight loss (which I'm excited about) But for me, ACV is a life saver! Just remember it can wear down the enamel of your teeth because it is an acid, and also similarly can wear down the lining of your stomach.

I also drink licorice tea which helps line the stomach and soothe it so I believe it lowers the risk of upsetting your stomach with ACV and is also divine in and of itself and helps so much with my stomach and digestion. I hope this helps you! Don't kick the ACV! Give it time to work (I didn't start noticing significant change in symptoms until like two weeks in to sipping my diluted ACV drinks all day) Don't give up! You're on the right track :)

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