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Answered on August 12, 2014
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That only counts for about five to six percent of the projected increasing costs the Kolkata increasing cost are because we're doing ten strongest we were applying the right technology to tweet we handle medicine we wouldn't GMAX really have to take today didn't we wouldn't really have target actuality stories might be incurring is because we're telling people to eat the wrong thing in imp kind of live in the wrong way now we you know our medical professional total us to get out and exercise induced after inevitably you know their dietary solution is a high-crab low-fat you know third claim based diet which we if that was working didn't we would see you left cardiovascular disease not more and just simply not seen a I think it's really a student future product Moore's Law I interviewed George gilder two years ago okay who speaks a lot about Moore's Law when it comes to computing & Technology and Business and Economics very astute a view to bringing up I???m wondering how you see Moore's Law applying to the food supply costs which are going up and up what you know he didn't do it again with the ongoing supply we happy subsidized model currently you know and so Italian explain that part of.

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