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That share with them in wreath-laying ohm can you tell us a little bit about Tom you training philosophy then I am hi a circuit training throughout the week is upper lower body split is it one body part per day I'm howdy incorporate car deal with that???ll definitely do Ripped Muscle X you know one body part pretty I feel like in this game am right now in the contest I???m competing at p Duster burden on you speakers nice of the first time in Pune some interesting my right now we have renewed hit general high-intensity cardio always have you and in when I'm I guess Alcindor balk I completely are you free and it's very rainy aka normal after week I how many days out the week D train home back five to six days any take that dare to of their I'm I am when thick Sundays and Wednesdays okay so today's training day d??j?? retrained oh man ok ASI train got showered up in a way for the attack up to did you I'm sorry doing Tom Carty like after your training ideas have cardio days or ninety kind of treating ok arrestee need orca and then with that Carty said your currently doing high intensity interval somehow the set that up my actually monastery.

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