Do I need to up the calories? I'm starting to feel weak and shaky in the evening...

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 01, 2013 at 3:31 PM

I've posted here loads, but it's hard when your mum thinks wheat is healthy and fat is bad.


I want to lose weight, but I'm not seeing much progress. I'm now weight training 2-3x per week and running 1x.I can feel my muscles getting stronger, however I'm not really losing belly fat.

This is what I eat on an average day;

3 eggs in 20g of butter and 2 slices of bacon.

Either; rice and chicken, a half-a-chicken-breast salad with half an avocado, or soup and half-a-chicken-breat. (again, I don't control this)

6oz of steak or "enough" pork/beef/chicken with veg.

Then after, fruit and greek yoghurt.

The thing is, I feel like I'm hungry but I'm not allowed to eat. My mum feels like I eat too much anyway, and the key to losing weight is to cut down on everything. I've tried explaining to her, but she just won't listen. She doesn't keep a lot of paleo snack foods in the house, so I keep a stash of dark chocolate in my room. Sometimes, I eat half a bar. It keeps me satisfied, I guess. I just wish I could have more steak or something.

I don't feel like i can admit to my mum that I have a stash of dark chocolate, because I have a past of binging. I gained so much weight, and she holds it against me. She's barely letting me eat 3 eggs on a morning, never mind butter. I guess I need to cut down on the chocolate; but what can I do?

It really shouldn't be this difficult.

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on May 01, 2013
at 07:38 PM

Nail on the head. Bam. +1

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on May 01, 2013
at 03:57 PM

the key to losing weight is to cut down on everything

Yes ... but not too much. If your body is craving food and you can't shake that feeling, then you are simply not eating enough. Dieting for weightloss is trying, but lowering food intake somewhat and getting plenty of physical activity is the key to success -- not just cutting down on food, but both are required to do it healthily. People who only cut down on food tend to rebound over time. People who develop entirely new, healthier habits tend to do much, much better. So keep on with the physical activity! :-)

I take it from the way you phrased your question that you live at home with your mom and you are legally a minor? And therefore beholden to her? That can also be trying - not feeling like you are in control of your own diet is a good seed for an eating disorder or an obsessive life. Consider talking about this with your mother - she's probably concerned about your weight/health/whatever, but unless you talk to her, she won't understand that not being in control of your decisions is harming you. She's treating you like a child - 'cause, hey, that's literally what parents do for the first 10-20 years of a son or daughter's life - but she now needs to help you grow into a stronger adult.

Just diet-wise, though, your diet doesn't sound terrible, but definitely not great either. I would talk with her and try to get more food in your diet so your can give up the chocolate bar. Nothing's wrong with chocolate in the long run, but it's not really conducive to weight loss, nor is it a terribly nutritious food. I think it might also be a weight off your chest if you are able to explain to your mother that you sincerely need more food. Heck, meet half way - add a massive salad to dinner, with lots of leaves and veggies, drenched in olive oil, and toss some kippers on there if she's game. It'll probably make her happy, and you more sated.

Finally, if you are feeling very shaky, and even seeing stars, that is a sure sign that you are having a borderline or full hypoglycemic event. You absolutely need to eat more then - something with mild carbs should take you right out of the fugue - a piece of fruit, some starchy veggies, etc. If you are trying to go low carb, slow the rate that you are removing carbs from your diet. If you are not trying to go low carb, then it's a pretty clear sign that you are not eating enough to sustain yourself while losing weight.

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on May 01, 2013
at 07:38 PM

Nail on the head. Bam. +1

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on May 01, 2013
at 07:47 PM

I went through a period around 180lbs where I was cutting calories down to about 845 net calories to lose 2lbs a week. Every day I was dizzy, unfocused, and getting more and more irritable regardless of food intake. What was even worse was that I wasn't losing more than 1 lb a week. Now I'm eating about 500 calories more than that, and I feel much better. You have to remember, OP, that you're still growing. I would strive more to maintain your current weight and making sure you're getting as much nutrition as possible so you can grow optimally. Eating paleo, you're doing well!

Honestly, and I do understand that you have little control over this, but you're 14, 5'3", and 147 lbs. Even if you're done with major growth spurts, your body may very well have another inch, two, or three to go within the next four years, and that belly fat will stretch along with the rest of you. You're doing great with protein, but if you're shaky, eat more. Add in a sweet potato at night (hey look, ma, starch!) with some good ol' butter. That'd be 180+110 if you can sneak a whole tbsp of butter on it, less than 110 if mom just won't allow it. I lose weight fast low carb, but it leaves me dizzy. Also, a sweet potato at night would help with your potassium numbers, a deficit in which might also leave you feeling light headed and weak like that.



on May 01, 2013
at 07:32 PM

You need to tell your mom what you just told us. She'll never change if she doesn't know. If you're hungry, you need to eat! Tell her you feel shaky and weak and really drive home that you honestly feel hungry.

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