How to be Paleo without a refrigerator...meal plans suggestions?

Answered on July 23, 2017
Created July 06, 2017 at 3:01 AM

Just moved into a place where i dont have a fridge. I can cook though. Any suggestions ?

I am looking to lose fat and gain muscle.I working out doing HIIT and using a single dumbell that i have. I also have plans for getting a sand bag to do sandbag workouts. I do not have access to a gym.

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2 Answers


on July 23, 2017
at 10:32 AM

Veggies can be kept at room temperature, especially sweet potatoes, onions, garlic. Fruit will be fine, just buy it not too ripe. It may attract small flies and mosquitoes as it ripens though. You could also keep dried fruit. Eggs can be kept at room temperature too. Many of the oily fishes can be bought tinned: mackerel, sardines, pilchards, herrings. You could alternate eating canned or long outdoor shelf life food, and going to the supermarket for avquick shop of meat and veggies which require refrigeration to keep, and cook or eat them straight away. Some people still live with little or no access to refrigeration, at home, they just pop to the market every day. The drawback is it will cost you more to eat healthily, because you wont be able to buy in bulk. I was without a fridge freezer, or with limited acess to one (houseshares) until 9 years ago. It lived off Rice, pasta, tinned tuna, coconut milk, frsh fruit and vegs, and takeaways from the local Chinese and Lebanese.


on July 16, 2017
at 08:21 AM

You could always live on canned pork (palatable and high in protein, iron, fat and energy), longlife pineapple juice (vitamin C etc. and energy, goes well with canned pork) and longlife milk (calcium, protein, fat and energy).

This should cover all your nutrient requirements. Choose quantities according to your requirements.

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