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That allow our clients tonight issues our virtual workers theta use their own people with our tools working from their home location if that's a solution they prefer we call them BT your virtualized in we started after me stabilize the operations and reinventing the way the work was done so that everything could be virtualized then I said let's accelerate the growth we focused and delivering this virtualization scale we won the largest telecom I'm can check to: in Canada and expanded into a third geography and we launched the biggest program in history the company in weeks and we added consulting and technology capability to this week outsourcing services we offer and the resulting that result from is that we business axe axe revenue route in one most critical debilitating economic environments and modern history Pure Nitrate cell it's a great story about how you leverage virtualization and the station for I for reinvention okay perfect so I'm just going to go and say a couple things in the last two sites I there are many choices about how this work to get done and people outsource offshore outsource onshore they may keep it in-house those choices have to be evaluated for the transaction types well we have found repeatedly is that our clients have concluded that if I can reduce costs by percent by simply not paid for unused time and I can have any market local Tam communicating with my customer every day first had a net that transaction sent offshore.

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