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Hi guys. Need some info. I've had high bp for the last 3 years and been on a variety of meds. I had a baby last year and since then, the bp has been out of whack and totally unresponsive to my previous meds so much so that I am/was on the verge of being put on 4meds.
A month ago I read about Paleo and decided to give it a try. I've been improving my adherence to the diet as I've been going along, e.g. progressively eliminating vegetable oils, decreasing carbs. I would say I'm about 100% Paleo now. When I started the bp came right down to about 115/80 for a few days. I was a bit naughty and had a bun (ok, I was travelling and unprepared). I don't know if this caused the bp to spike up to about 150/95 and has been oscillating between that and 140/90-95. Then I had a few potatoes early this week and it has shot up to 160/113 and appears stuck there in spite of the fact I've since really kept my carbs to ~25g per day, cook with coconut oil and been even stricter. Can those minor indiscretions be the reason for my spikes? It also puzzles me why the bp just won't come down now when I'm eating so much better. I'd really not like to go the route of supplementation. I dropped my meds because I just couldn't handle the idea of breastfeeding on (essentially ineffective) meds any longer.

What are your experiences/thoughts? I feel rather despondent. By the way, I've had several tests and bloods done in the past, everything is perfect. I am fit, exercise with perfect BMI. I feel like i'm doing everything perfectly but this bp remains stubborn. How long should I expect to wait before I see the bp come down? last thing, the only thing which I've noticed since going Paleo is that the bp is a lot more stable, as in, it had been fluctuating a lot beforehand. Since going Paleo, I get pretty much the same readings over a few days. No wild swings like before. How I wish the reading would just be stuck on 120/80.



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You might want to eat more CoQ10 if you're not already. A month isn't long enough to even learn how to eat paleo, or figure out which sort of paleo diet works best. A very low carb, high fat diet works great for some, others benefit from a more modest perfect health diet type ratio. Stick with it and keep testing.

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