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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 09, 2012 at 2:41 PM

Hello, I was hoping to get some insight from the Paleo World into my recent results. Background: 27yo M, Athlete 2 practices a day, low energy/depression/poor sleep due to anxiety, paleo(not strict) for a year, before that vegan/raw vegan for 3 years, no meds

HEMATOLOGY Hb 150 g/L Hct 0,47 L/L WBC 5.4 X10*9/L RBC 5.02 X10*12/L MCV 93 fl MCH 30 pg MCHC 321 g/L RandomDistributionWidth 12 %CV Platelets 194 X10**9/L

Neutrophils 2.8 X10*9/L Lymphocytes 2.1 X10*9/L Monocytes 0.4 X10*9/L Eosinophils 0.1 X10*9/L Basophils 0.0 X10**9/L

BIOCHEMISTRY FBS 4.4 mmol/L Cr 103 umol/L eGFR 75 ml/min/1.73m*2

CHOL 5.82 mmol/L TG 0.69 mmol/L HDL 1.88 mmol/L LDL 3.63 mmol/L

ALP 67 U/L CK 349 U/L

ALT 15 U/L Ferritin 74 ug/L TSH 3.92 mIU/L B12 467 pmol/L

Bioavailable Testosterone - TO FOLLOW - should have it this week.



on August 21, 2012
at 03:50 AM

I'd definitely go off gluten, not even once every 6 months. According to Wolf, gluten stays in the gut for a long time after it's ingested wrecking havoc.



on July 09, 2012
at 03:58 PM

Once a week I may have a chicken pot pie or something like rice pasta or a pizza.



on July 09, 2012
at 03:58 PM

Hi Bill, I dont know the exact amount. I eat approximately 1 or 2 sweet potatoes a day, 4-6 pieces of fruit per day, ill drink coconut water on very hot days, lots of vegetables, dark chocolate daily and any other root vegetables like carrots which I may eat in a soup or stew.



on July 09, 2012
at 03:06 PM

How much carbs are you eating?

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on August 07, 2012
at 02:38 AM

AG Im sorry you are dealing with anxiety and depression.
Knowing your Free Testosterone level will be useful for sure.

Some of your lab values don't make sense to me since the units are different than what I am used to however I do wonder about your thyroid. Your TSH is a bit on the high end of normal (I think) not positive but pretty sure its in range but slightly high). That may or may not be a problem but since you have two common symptoms of low thyroid and your TSH is a bit high-ish - I personally think you should have Free T4 and Free T3 checked.

Do you have other symptoms of low thyroid besides low energy, depression and anxiety. I know these can be from many things but they are VERY common with low thyroid.

Dry skin Losing hair inability to lose weight and or slow metabolism Tendency toward constipation Brain fog, poor memory There are many many others too.


on August 07, 2012
at 03:19 AM

I'm not an expert but I can say speak from my experience..If I ate the amount of sugar and carbs you eat, which you said are 4-6 pieces of fruit a day, 1-2 sweet potatoes, chocolate I would need to sleep 12 hours instead of 7 hours and would be depressed and sluggish as well. I'd recommend doing a strict paleo diet for a couple of months, limiting carbs and sugar (fruit max 2 a day) and see how you feel. Sugar and carbs really affect my mood, sleep and digestion. Even having more than 1 serving of root vegetables. It might be worth a shot to cut them out and see if it makes a difference.



on July 10, 2012
at 01:40 AM

Bump - Noone has anything to share? Im at witts end, going in for a sleep study. I thought I slept well last night and still had to take a long nap today and skipped both practices because I felt so sluggish.

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