Is my blood pressure getting too low?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 02, 2011 at 10:52 AM

Hi. I started paleo / primal 2 years ago to see if it would help my asthma (it is virtually non existent now so THAT worked!)

But the asthma clinic had tested my blood pressure and at 140 / 110 they reckoned statins would be a good plan. Well, I didn't want to go that route and sure enough, after 6 months of paleo eating - quite strict - BP had come down to around 120 / 90.

After 12 months, the asthma b=nurse was really pleased with a reading of 120 / 85.

Two months ago it came out at 110 / 80. And today, 98 / 73.

I am a 59 year old guy, 6 feet tall, 144 pounds weight. BNot thin - just fine bones and not much in the way of muscle - really couldn't do much exercise for most of my life because of the asthma, but am now walking miles daily and even starting to swim again!

But is this BP too low?



on September 02, 2011
at 01:53 PM

I use to have similar ~130/90 BP. Now its about between 95/58 and 110/65. Paleo lowered it a lot.



on September 02, 2011
at 01:01 PM

I wouldn't call this "low" blood pressure at all but rather "normal". And fwiw, if asthma interferes with biologically appropriate movement, meds are needed. It's too important to move a lot, sprint and lift heavy stuff to let asthma get in the way of it. This would be a case in which the benefits of the meds would outweigh the risk by a huge margin. Hope it continues to improve again. Muscle mass is one of the most important predictors of health as we age...so work on the muscle mass no matter what.



on September 02, 2011
at 12:12 PM

How is your hemoglobin, hematocrit, lipids and thyroid?



on September 02, 2011
at 11:03 AM

two time the same question.. that is fancy:)

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4 Answers



on September 02, 2011
at 11:16 AM

BP is really only ever too low if it interferes with your life or is associated with problems, e.g., if you get lightheaded or faint, fatigue easily, have chest pain or headache, etc.

There are several ultraendurance athletes out there with BPs along the lines of 70/zero.

HOWEVER, please talk to your physician for his advice and to rule out any pathological cause.


on June 10, 2013
at 09:04 PM

i HAVE FELT TIRED ALL DAY, SO i DECIDED TO TAKE MY BLOOD PRESSURE. iT'S 95/58. Is that to low? I am 67 years of age.


on September 02, 2011
at 03:02 PM

are you still on BP meds?..you may need to be off of them if you are.



on September 02, 2011
at 01:14 PM

I have extremely low BP as well, some times its 70/50...no kidding!

I have increased my regular salt intake and that has helped a lot (I use to think I needed sugar but its salt we need), If I'm moving around and active, mine will register 120/60...

Since removing sea salt and adding back iodonized salt I have less issues with light headedness and those pesky black spots floating around when i stand up.

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