How long for omega 6 to affect blood coagulation?

Asked on December 21, 2012
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Hi all,

I've only recently gone paleo. I feel much better and, interestingly, my occasional relapses have shown up what foods might have been giving me problems in my lower leg veins in the past. In this instance, my question is to do with omega 6 affecting blood coagulation. My specific question is:

I would like to know the time it takes between ingesting an omega 6 rich food and its having a stimulating effect on blood coagulation.

The above question assumes that the blood is in a normal state of coagulation at the outset (due to a usual ongoing diet consisting of plenty of omega 3 and sensible amounts of omega 6) and then having a meal that's unusually high in Omega 6. I don't think the resulting change in coagulation wouldn't affect a normal person in the same way as me (but see reference to The Quilt's point, below). I have venous reflux and damaged lower leg veins so I do notice a marked difference in symptoms after eating certain foods. I have my suspicions about Omega 6's effects being more than theoretical. In other words, I think I can feel its effects in real time. I think the damaged veins betray even small changes in coagulation- or at least that's what appears to be the case. Any answers to my question above might shed light on whether I'm right.

Other info: I recently asked a question about sugar spikes affecting blood coagulation and got a good answer from Mscott. Now I'm wondering about the effects of omega 6 on the clotting process as compared with omega 3 which operates with a lighter touch. I did some research about a year ago on the chemical cascade that takes Omega 3 or 6, turns it into prostaglandin and finally affects the coagulation cascade. The take home message was that they did the same thing but omega 6 is over zealous, which is another way of saying that it promotes inflammation in coagulation and in other processes. Although this all has implications for further DVT risk, for me it's the medium and surface veins that take the hit when the pressure builds (mostly long saphenous and short saphenous veins. The deeper, wider, popliteal veins fair well despite former DVTs in both legs. (This, I suppose, reinforces the idea that I'm noticing only small differences in coagulation)

I'm sure there is already a sugar spike component at work when I eat sugary or high GI foods but I also get some adverse symptoms when I eat a low-sugar but high Omega 6 food (even if it's low GI index). What got me thinking was a very interesting answer from The Quilt to a question by Suze paleo Oz (Oct 16th 2011- 'hack my pulmonary embolism'). He said,

"DVT's are very common these days because of the excessive series two PG's from O6 in the diet."

I suddenly remembered my research when I read this and realised that, far from being a complicated bit of biochemistry theory, I might be feeling this happening in my legs- and, if true, I would be more susceptible to noticing small changes because of my damaged veins. It really does seem that they clog up enough to swell and hurt after eating certain (non paleo) foods and then clear several hours later. So thanks to The Quilt I might have pieced another part of the jigsaw together. An answer to my question would confirm my suspicions. Perhaps you have a view on this question if you are reading this, Quilt? To save anyone scrolling back to the top, here is the question again:

I would like to know the time it takes between ingesting an omega 6 rich food and its having a stimulating effect on blood coagulation.

Right now, I don't know if it's minutes, hours or days, stored for later use or, like glucose, coursing round the blood stream after absorption looking for some action. If my suspicions are right, it would be around an hour (but I don't want to prejudice people's thought processes).

This would all be fascinating if it weren't painful! However, it's OK most of the time and stays OK for longer now I'm on paleo. I am fit and can cycle at the gym so I'm not down in the dumps about it. I reckon I'm going to hack it by sticking to paleo. Getting these great answers is what will educate me enough to 'get it', and stay on it!

Thanks everyone, sorry it's a long post,


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