Please hack: my blood work?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 08, 2012 at 3:03 PM

I am: 37 year old female, two children, 175 lbs, 5'9, computer job

I eat (in order of duration): gluten-free (2010); grain-free (2010); 80% dairy free (2011); 100% caffeine free (since Oc 2011); 90% FODMAPS-free (since Nov 2011)

I move: not nearly enough. I'm more active in summer (biking/hiking); weight training and elliptical sprints 2-3 x per week in winter but this depends on the usual excuses: work deadlines, family chaos and sheer laziness on my part.

I struggle with: my weight, but at the moment, mostly with my bowels and IBS-like symptoms (but I'll spare you the gory details)

This blood work is my physician's second stage of inquiry to try and figure out what is wrong with me (Stage one indicates no uterine/ovarian cancer so that's a relief!). I don't have a science background so these results mean little to me.

Hack and translation would be much appreciated!

Glucose-fasting: 4.5 (81) mmol/L

Cholesterol: 4.5 (174) mmol/L

LDL Cholesterol calculated: 2.49 (96) mmol/L

HDL: 1.79 (69) mmol/L

Cholesterol/HDL ratio: 2.5

Triglycerides: 0.48 (19) mmol/L

Vit B12: 386 pmol/L

Ferritin: 83 ug/L

White blood cell count: 6.5 x E9/L

Red BCC: 4.84 x E12/L

Thank you for your help.




on February 08, 2012
at 04:02 PM

Your chol #s are off. Make sure you copied them correctly.

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on April 06, 2013
at 08:23 PM

Regarding your IBS, a few suggestions:

1) Get tested for H. pylori then if you test positive, do the course of antibiotics to get rid of it. This did wonders for my IBS.

2) Make the necessary changes to go on a Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). Essentially you will need to get rid of dairy and starchy veggies (potatoes, legumes, ..). This also helped my IBS.

3) Get a stool sample done to test your gut flora (bacteria, yeast) and take action as required.

It looks like your diet is very good. All it needs perhaps is a bit of tightening wrt dairy consumption and holding daily carb intake to, say, < 75 grams. This sort of diet should help melt away body fat.




on October 19, 2012
at 08:16 PM

It looks like they did a standard cholesterol test, which isn't the most conclusive when it comes to heart disease, but based on these values, your atherosclerosis markers look good:

  • Your HDL/Total is 0.4 (0.25 and higher is ideal).
  • Your Trig/HDL is 0.28 (2 and lower is ideal).
  • Your total trigs are low, probably thanks to your gluten-free diets. High trigs can signify insulin resistance.

If you want better tests for heart disease, consider getting an Apo A-1 test and either an Apo B test or a LDL-P test.


on May 17, 2012
at 01:45 AM

Ferritin is just a bit high and B12 is a bit low . I would supplement with B12 and get it around 800+

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on May 16, 2012
at 10:56 PM

Your B12 looks a little low.. are you stressed? B12 is also responsible for helping in metabolizing fats and carbs so it could provide a tiny bit of insight to your weight problems, if you are lethargic... I'm sure your weight problems come from insulin issues though.. dairy, sugar and starchy vegs probably spike this...

Might want to look into supplements because at least double that is optimal (getting needles from a ND is ideal because it goes straight to the blood stream and you'll see the fastest results)..


on February 08, 2012
at 03:51 PM

What r the units for glucose and cholesterol? Don't look normal to me. Otherwise doesn't look like any concern for anemia which is sometimes a concern for women of your age. Hope this helps.



on April 06, 2013
at 06:29 PM

Your LDL seems a bit low. How much saturated fat do you eat? Wow, those are some low triglyceride levels.

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