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Asked on November 11, 2015
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Hello all. I'm a 23 year old male with some pretty crappy health problems. I am fed up of ignorant doctors so I thought I'd ask for some help from you clever, open-minded bunch of people. So PLEASE hack these symptoms and test results:

Symptoms: No energy, brain fog, hair loss, extremely cold extremeties due to vasoconstiction, slightly cold core temp. My hands and feet are literally freezing. The only time they warm up is after a workout (low rep weight training - i can't do anything aerobic/glycolitic) or after meals. Hands and feet are also orange/yellow - Caroteine overload? Insomnia - get to sleep easily but wake up in middle of the night and wake up very early in the morning i.e. 5.30 am. My skin burns easily in the sun - this was never the case before, I was the guy that did not burn ever. No bloating but constipation and undigested food - low HCL?


total testosterone - 21.1 (7.6 - 31.4)

High SHBG - 68  (16 - 55) 

High serum cortisol and high serum DHEA but very low salivary cortisol and DHEA

T3 - 4.2 (3.1-6.8)

T4 - 13.6 (12 - 22)

TSH 2.5 (.27- 4.2)

Vit D and iron are perfect


I eat low carb paleo with lots of saturated fat. I have experemented with adding safe starches back in but tend to feel worst. 

Although a lot of my symptoms indicate low cortisol problems, strangely my blood pressure and blood sugar tend to run high - although I do get dizzy when standing up too fast.

Thanks for looking everyone, can't wait to hear your opinionsJ

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