Hack my thyroid panel please

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 23, 2011 at 5:38 AM

No symptoms but I'm wondering if my TSH and rev T3 are anything to worry about? I do eat a lot of kelp so I'm not sure how that is affecting things?

High cortisol from overtraining could be at the root of this. Also, could a nagging shoulder injury keep producing inflammatory cytokines that are messing with my HPA?

TSH 0.3

T4 8.3

T3 uptake 33%

free thyroxine index 2.7

T3 87

T4 free (direct) 1.32

reverse T3 316

everything else lookin pretty good

vit D 46 (a bit lower than I'd like but it was without supplementing. I'm going to start taking it now that fall is here)

HDL 79

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on September 23, 2011
at 04:06 PM

TSH is way low. This usually indicates a hyperactive thyroid condition or can be the case with thyroid meds that are too high or have been taken for a long period of time.

Total T4 is within normal range, but total T3 is low. This may indicate an under conversion issue. T4 is the primary form that the thyroid gland makes, but T3 is the active form. Without proper conversion to T3, you might have hypothyroid symptoms despite low TSH numbers.

T3 Uptake is a little low for a male. This is the kind of number you'd expect to see in a female. Because of the relationship of estrogen/testosterone to thyroid binding globulins, this may indicate increased estrogen in a male.

Reverse T3 is high. This is an inactive form of T3. I've seen a couple different explanations for this. Most notably, gut flora imbalances and hypothalamic dysregulation.

For not supplementing, a Vit D3 of 46 is pretty good.

Did your doc run TPO Ab or TG AB with the panel?

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