Experience with MyMedLab?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 09, 2012 at 11:18 PM

So I don't have a PCP right now and haven't gotten a blood panel done in 2-3 years. I'd really like to get a CMP and don't want to have to get the 'high cholesterol' talk from a doctor if I have levels over 200. I've heard about My Med Lab and saw that there was one in my area. I'm curious if any hackers have used the service before and what their experience was like. Let me know!



on March 10, 2012
at 09:42 AM

Great Question Priscilla!!!

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2 Answers


on March 09, 2012
at 11:31 PM

I have had tests done through them. I didn't have any problems. Results were pretty quick. Plus they save them for you, so even now years later, I can log in to my account and check all my past results pretty easily.



on March 10, 2012
at 02:10 AM

Check out directlabs.com and lef.org too. I used mymedlabs a couple of years ago but this year lef.org had a great sale (you do need to be a member though) on complete panels including hormones. I check all three because I need multiple panels and get a D3 test too and go with the least expensive. I end up going to the same Labcorp place for the blood draw anyway.

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