Blood sugar question for non-diabetic

Commented on September 08, 2016
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I have been monitoring my blood sugar recently, as I have been putting on weight with no diet or exercise change. The results are the opposite of how I understand blood sugar to work:

Morning BG: 96

Post breakfast: 85

Morning exercise

Post workout: 95

Post workout snack: 71

A little confusing to me....Any thoughts? 


on September 08, 2016
at 09:22 PM

I think your active lifestyle doesn't suit your diet. Dairy is not the best source of carbs and most people don't even count non starch veggies as carbs.

But if I had to guess I would say dairy might be contributing to these blood sugar issues. Dairy releases a lot of insulin so you could eliminate or limit dairy foods to see if there is a change. Milk is especially insulinogenic, so it might be a good idea to stop drinking milk and see if there is an improvement. Try eliminating dairy for 1 week, and check your blood sugar level again.

If you need carbs, eat fruit and safe starches. You can also try white parboiled rice which is low gi and potatoes if you tolerate them. I have found that most people do well with these, unless they have a damaged gut.

Another question for you: How do you feel when your blood sugar gets low? Do you get hypoglycemia symptoms, like dizziness and sweating? Or are you feeling normal?

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on September 08, 2016
at 11:54 AM

First of all you could give us more details, so we can try and help.

If you have 96 fasting BG and you are not doing a vlc diet, then you might be slowly heading towards pre diabetes. An ideal fasting BG would be < 86 .But I don't know your age, diet, activity levels and many more parameters that play a role in your blood sugar.

Secondly, how many hours after your meal do you take your BG? Since it is lower than your fasting BG, I assume you measure it maybe 3 hours later. As far as I know, your blood sugar will spike after a meal, that's for sure. If, however, after the spike you get a very low BG (lower than your fasting BG), then it is a sign that your body released too much insulin and you experienced a sugar crash.

I am a new user, so I can't post links, but there is a great 2-part article from Chris Kesser about blood sugar levels. Google "When your “normal” blood sugar isn’t normal" and you will find the article.


on September 08, 2016
at 06:51 PM

Age: 30

Diet: Moderate carb, about 20-30% of calories, all from veggies and dairy (no added sugar)

Activity level: Very active athlete, about 15-20 hours a week of training

I take blood sugar one hour after I finish eating.

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