Yeast Intolerance result: extreme bloat, chronic constipation & reflux- Candida, Leaky gut? HELP!

Answered on July 07, 2014
Created July 04, 2014 at 9:21 PM

After a decade of constant antibiotic use for infections, BC for PCOS (now treated well with only metformin), constant bloating, daily chronic reflux and constipation . . . I received results of my intolerance test. Yeast, dairy, eggs. I've been VLCarb for about a month, and not seeing a huge result other than much better energy, skin, mood and a slight decrease in reflux. I went to my GP to enquire about the yeast & candida link: he told me the notion of intolerances alone was quackery and would not prescribe an antifungal, although he conceded the bloating was indeed very bad. Then he charged me and sent me on my way.

I've ordered three types of probiotics. I plan on doing a 7day intro with a 100billion mixed strain powder, then over 4 months scale down. 100billion down to 50billion down . . . and so on.

I don't eat fruit, grains, starchy veg, nothing with added sugar. No dairy, eggs and I take a ton of MCT. My diet is vegetable rich, especially green leaves, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, and the rest is seafood, poultry, and the MCT (I have a metabolic disorder that requires me to use MCT as my sole fat source: lchadd).

Has anyone developed a protocol that is founded on similar complaints? I wake up with a flat stomach, within ten mins eating a meal I bloat MASSIVELY. Its very uncomfortable. Everything is now homeprepped, cooked. clean and washed.

This all got out of hand about 6 months ago following a 6 week stint on 600mg trimethoprim. I really think it's leaky gut/dysbiosis/candida overgrowth.

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on July 07, 2014
at 04:05 AM

The probiotics will help big time. Just be aware that you will have more of the detox reaction you've been having from the anti-fungal medication. You might want to taper off of the anti-fungal when you start the probiotics. You might also want to consider starting off with a smaller amount, say 20 to 30 billion CFUs a day for the first couple of days to see what happens, and then adjust your dose higher from there. Your diets looks perfect for now. Digestive enzymes can also be a big help in restoring normalcy in the gut. Vitamin D also plays a role in the bacteria/fungal balance in the gut, so get out in the sun!


on July 05, 2014
at 07:19 PM

thank you. I've been on less than 25g net carbs for six weeks. None from grains legumes or fruits and have since cut out anything with even trace milk or egg. I caved last night at midnight and took a 150mg tab of diflucan, and woke an hour later in what was really a mild hot fit, then fell back asleep. I made it all the way through to dinner without any bloat or reflux, but felt fluey, exhausted and "toxic"- I assume that means that tab was working on something! I'm now pretty bloated again: dinner was chicken breast, a little bit of kale and spinach, half a bell pepper and a dressing of mct and acv.

I will continue to look for a doctor who will consider prescribing even a few more antifungals. Today, yucky feeling aside, was promising.

I would still love more feedback from anyone with similar experiences- am I missing anything? Will the high dose of probiotics over three months help? Is the antifungals indeed necessary in the absence of positive outcomes from dietary change/carb&sugar elimination?



on July 05, 2014
at 02:35 PM

I too had terrible distension - like you, fine upon waking, but after eating, it was horrible. I found that gas/bloat is largely attributed to carbohydrate digestion by bacteria - not a problem if they are in your large intestine, but if they overgrow into the small, then the gas has a much longer path to travel prior to exiting the body...to immediately relieve my pain, I stopped eating carbs. I agree that the overgrowth may have lead to leaky gut, due to the constant damage caused by all the bacterial toxins as carb digestion byproducts... I hate to say this, but I took Rifiaximin and it helped a lot. I had tried 6 months straight no carbs & wasn't improving...I'm not a doctor, but mine gave me this & coupled with the no-sugar/LC diet, I pray it does not return. Also look into Fermentation Potential of foods...I fouind that jasmine rice does not cause me trouble but white long grain rice does... @NiftyPineapple914

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