Water retention/bloating/puffynipple ( fake gyno) advice needed

Asked on September 15, 2018
Created September 15, 2018 at 5:37 PM

Hey Folks hope all is well and you may be able to help me with this annoyance.


I have tried everything from going gluten free, dairy free, low sodium, drinking water consistently all day, drinking massive amounts at once to try and flish it... and it continued to keep coming back.

The water thing worked but as soon as i urinated it would start to come back on within the hour.

I also get some relief after a strenous workout but just like the water thing it will come back on within an hour or so...

I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma and with it many hormonal issues including adrenal insufficieny about 10 years ago but since treatment cabergoline my prolactin levels are normal and my adrenals were kick started with a dose of hydrocortison for a few years, just thought i'd add this if i might be of any relevance.

Anyways i have kind of got the issue under control now after so many failed attempts and it was eating a diet with low glycemic carbs... i believed eating potatoes and rice were the way forward when i stopped eating gluten and dairy...but was so wrong.

however i still have a slight issue... i can keep the water weight/bloating off when i eat a low glycemic diet and keep carbs below 100g... 

But i only eat twice a day before i go to work and after work, and i've noticed when i'm fasting and only consuming water after a few hours i begin to bloat/retain and puff up despite not eating anything....

Why would i be getting these symptoms without ingesting any foods... i know i can control it by eating something with a low GI, but i drive for a living and sometimes stopping for a snack is either a nuisance or not possible.

any ideas ?

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