Reviews on FODMAPS for IBS-C and any recipes or websites?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 03, 2013 at 2:59 AM

Hi! Just curious if anyone has had any luck with fodmaps and ibs-c. About a week about finally starting taking some strong magnesium supplement that has started to help. Still extremely bloated and looking over fodmaps, I eat a lot of the foods that you should stay away from, brussell sprouts, avacado, asparagus, onions, honey etc. Just curious what luck people had with cutting these foods out? Also any good recipes or websites you can point me towards to check out? I like making my meals ahead of time or having left overs to make things easy! Thanks :)

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on March 03, 2013
at 01:43 PM

Great resource here: http://www.eat-real-food-paleodietitian.com/paleo-diet-and-ibs.html

I followed her SIBO protocol (which is also low FODMAPS) for a few weeks and it cleared up most of my gut issues. (I was having alternating C and D episodes). I figured out what I could add back in and have eaten successfully with no bowel issues for 9 months since. Still have some slight lower abdominal pain on right side, but am starting to think it is complicated by endometriosis.



on March 03, 2013
at 03:06 AM

I have IBS-A (more C, though) and very prone to painful bloating. I find a very low-FODMAP diet does help a LOT with the bloating. And fat and magnesium help with the C. Everyone has foods that bother them more or less; I would recommending cutting out ALL high-FODMAP foods for a while. Then when you introduce one, it'll be easier to tell whether that's a particularly gassy one for you. For example I can eat a slice of avocado but not a whole one, and ANY kind of onion KILLS me.

I also find eggs and nuts gassy.

In terms of recipes, all my meals look pretty much the same: meat/fish, about 1/2 cup starchy carbs (rice, squash, yams etc), a heap of green veg sauteed in fat and some herbs/spices, and possibly other fat source - bacon, some olives etc. I make big batches so a lot of reheating leftovers.

Good luck!

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