Please help me determine if I have a soy allergy (from my description). Thank you so much. And no I don't eat 'soy products'.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 01, 2013 at 4:44 AM

For about 3 years I have been having some serious bloating issues. It used to be that I had to only reduce the amount I was eating (significantly) at a time to stop bloating. But then it became certain types of foods (yogurt, oatmeal, fruit). Then it became even more foods to the point that I don't even know anymore--I bloat after everything. Big time--I look 7 months pregnant from an originally flat stomach :(. Now, as in just starting 2 days ago, something terrible has happened after I thought it couldn't get any worse: I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING BLOATED. This used to be the only time I had a flat stomach.

By they way-I adopted a full paleo diet about 1 year ago and still bloating.

I have narrowed my symptoms down to 2 causes (though I'm sure there could be more-give me your ideas!). Either SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) or a soy allergy. If it was a soy allergy, it would have to be a pretty sensitive one, because like I said, I don't drink or eat soy-based foods.

So, I think it may be soy because I notice that eating chicken will make me bloated, but not 100% grass-feed beef. Eggs will make me bloated--but I have never tried soy-free eggs. Maybe the dark chocolate or seed bars or dried fruit I'm eating has soy-lethicin?

It could also be SIBO because, like I said, I seem to get SO BLOATED after SO MANY THINGS. I really don't know what to do. You could answer my original question or please just give me some advice, something to try! It may just be the solution. By the way, I've been to a gastro and they didn't really help me, other than telling me to drink tea. WTF? Help. Thank you in advance.

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4 Answers



on May 01, 2013
at 01:06 PM

You'll get a whole load of answers, each different, but ultiamtely it's up to you to figure it out. Do an elimination diet. For a tutorial: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/elimination-diet


on May 01, 2013
at 09:12 PM

Hey, i am the asker. I am only 14. I have been dealing with this for too long. My parents wont let me try and special diets for it.



on May 30, 2013
at 12:22 PM

Do you have elimination issues (pooing)? Are you frequently constipated? Is this painful? Sharp stabbing pains in the abdomen?

This could be spastic colon (which I have). It is triggered by foods but also by stress. If any of that sounds familiar, getting your parents to take you to a gastro-enterologist (gut doctor) is a good step.


on May 30, 2013
at 11:59 AM

Have you asked your docs for a hydrogen breath test? This could help you know if you have SIBO. As your last option it seems you can get the kits over the internet also (it's an easy and safe test) but I guess you should be properly tested by a physician, and they seem to be expensive...

As for the soy thing, it could be I guess but just from such small traces... you must be very sensitive! I could just advice to give up on regular chocolate and try to put pure organic cocoa raw powder instead if you miss it a lot, and do the same with other suspicious foods, stick to the less precessed option of every single food and it's the only way you will know for sure, as allergic tests don't seem to be very accurate AFAIK.

I also suffered from heavy bloating and abdominal cramps some years ago and could get rid of it by reducing overall carbohydrate intake and getting rid of grains and legumes. I also drink a lot less milk nowadays (almost none) although I have liberal dairy products with no special issues. I guess if you have been paleo for some time you already gone grain and legume free so I'm out of ideas right now.

Keep us informed and keep trying! And IMHO your parents should be a little bit more constructive and cooperative, we can understand that restrictive diets could have it's downsides specially when you are doing it for extreme weight loss and eating disorders but here are you trying to get though a very disturbing and complex problem and nutrition could help a lot, I think they should consider and understand this...

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