My functional medicine doctor reccomends grains

Answered on July 31, 2015
Created July 30, 2015 at 2:07 PM

My functional medicine doctor reccomended a mediterranean diet incorporating grain, legumes, and more nuts and seeds than I would previously eat. My blood work showed my amino acids to be unbalanced which is a result of too much animal protein. She notes that is common in paleo dieters. I know I was eating a lot of meat, but are the grains really necessary? I have been soaking and sprouting them because I have digestive issues. 

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on July 31, 2015
at 12:35 PM

What is a functional doctor? What university do they attend? Read the license on the wall the next time you go in. I've never heard of such a thing. I do not have one available through my health insurance.

My MD was helpful for treating my diabetes. [You might say, like your FD, that this disease is common in people who eat the SAD diet, or vegan, or vegetarian.] He gave me a booklet on controlling my blood sugar, which was a direct result of eating way too many carbs. 

In giving me general advice my MD cured my problem. He was interested in my blood tests, specifically A1C and blood glucose, to diagnose a real problem. He wasn't interested in deconstructing my amino acid profile to treat an imaginary problem as your FD is doing.



on July 31, 2015
at 11:50 AM

Proteins are fairly immaterial in nutrition, you get enough regardless from almost any whole foods combination. But whatever amino acid unbalance you may have in meat, it is usually corrected with bone broth or gelatin. Eating grains will not correct anything aminoacid.



on July 31, 2015
at 11:26 AM

Animal proteins cannot be "unbalanced" because they are complete, that is you'd get all the necessary sources of aminos your body needs. 


It's only when you get protein from plants that you need to carefully pair plant foods such as beans and rice to get a complete set of amino profiles.  Only vegans and vegetarians need to carefully pair plant foods so they ensure they get all 9 essential aminos.


Grains, legumes are not necessary, and are harmful.  Of grains, white rice is the least harmful.


Some legumes (lentils/chickpeas) are probably less harmful than others (soy and other beans).  Nuts in moderation are fine, nuts in excess might be harmful as you wouldn't be able to eat large quanitities in nature as you'd need to crack open many very tough shells.


Fire your doc, she's clueless.




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