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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 22, 2011 at 4:48 PM

UGH! I took a vacation a few weeks ago and indulged for 4 days on grains, sugars, all the nasty crap I've been avoiding for 6 months and now I'M MISERABLE!

My gut is rumblie, my stools are funky, my breath is blech, and I am bloated to the max.

My eating is back to normal, thank GOD, I jumped on a pro biotic yesterday and am going to get some digestive enzymes to try to whack at the problem.

Should I do anything else? How long does it take most of you to get back to a sense of 'normal' if/when you indulge?


on November 22, 2011
at 05:24 PM

Activated charcoal might help

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on November 22, 2011
at 04:53 PM

Do get the digestive enzymes- when I decide to cheat, I take a couple as I begin to eat and it often prevents me from having any symptoms.

I find that since I've been paleo for a little while, I recover more quickly; when I was starting out, a donut would give me the bloat for 2 or 3 days. I hope you feel better soon- maybe some homemade bone broth will help too!


on November 22, 2011
at 08:30 PM

Fasting for a day is a good way to restart your system and let your body heal. If I eat badly, I always wake up the next morning feeling hung over. What helps me restart my system is a 20 - 24 hour fast. I'll just eat dinner and eat a late lunch or early dinner the next day. Just sip on bone broth and green tea through out the day.



on November 22, 2011
at 05:12 PM

It gets much better after 2-3 days, and then 2-3 weeks for everything to get fixed again. Then again, I have experienced times where going off for a few days on clean vegetarian food can set me back for months. Kind of depends on what you were fixing. I find that the stomach issues are more temporary than the hormonal changes.



on November 22, 2011
at 04:54 PM

When I stumbled in August, it took a couple days for the bad stuff to work through--and I could literally feel the discomfort go lower. It then took about a week for healing to occur and after that I rapidly regained my normal energy. So, in total, about 10 days and it wasn't worth it so I haven't done it again.

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