Extreme distention issues

Asked on August 04, 2015
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 I've been on GAPS/Paleo for two and a half years now.  Before starting that diet, I had stomach pain after every meal.  Eventually, I got a splenectomy and also had the tail-end of my pancreas removed before I switched doctors.  I basically only eat soups now, but I also eat fermented foods like sauerkraut and water kefir.  Other than the fermented foods, the only raw foods I can tolerate is a small handful of spinach with a meal.  Anyway, I'm currently seeing a doctor who is very helpful, but even he can't seem to crack the case of my distention issues.  Basically, I've had problems with distention for one and a half years now.  While my lower abdomen is pretty much always distended, things that seem to make it much worse are:

sugar, fiber, or too much probiotics.

I haven't tried dairy or grains in like two years, and it's been about a year since I had a legume.  I can eat soaked cashews (no other nuts are tolerable) and fermented fruit (non-fermented fruit has way too much sugar I think).  

The only other noticeable symptoms of poor health are chronic fatigue (so bad that I sometimes get mood swings from it), infrequent nausea, and abnormally sore muscles after working out.  The nausea tends to come on when I am stressed which makes sense.  And, since I am healing, it makes sense that my muscles get sore easily and that I am tired all of the time.  The bloating is still a mystery to me, though!

Anyway, if anyone could help me to figure out what is causing this absurdly persistent bloating, that would be great.  

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