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Answered on March 15, 2014
Created March 15, 2014 at 11:43 AM

For a couple of years I've had consistent bloating, which is always most extreme in what I've figured is my colon, on the right side of my abdomen. When it's most inflamed and sausage-like it's usually accompanied by wild gas and gurgling, so it seems likely I have IBS or at least some kind of sensitivity, given my unpredictable bowel movements. (Doctors haven't been very helpful at all).

I was wondering, first, whether anyone has had a similar issue, of bloating being so localised, specifically in the colon on the right side. Or even whether anyone has had an unhappy colon in general as a result of going Paleo.

I discovered Paleo about a year ago, and if it hasn't helped with my inflammation/bloating I'm starting to think that might have something to do with my increased intake of veggies (particularly liberal with broccoli). It's worth noting I tend not to be inflamed in the morning, but it's often worst when I go to bed at night. So I figure it's got something to do with what I'm putting in my body, and I'm going to reduce my veggie intake to see if that makes a difference.

If you've had similar issues, what worked for you?

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on March 15, 2014
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I'm no expert on this, but if you're been following paleo and you're still having the trouble you're having, you might want to evaluate which paleo foods you're eating. Robb Wolf has on his website a paleo protocol for people with autoimmunity issues. It's a little bit more restrictive, but you could try it for a month and see if it helps any. In short, you cut out the nightshade vegetables, eggs, and a few other things. Here is the article (scroll down to the third heading).

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