What's the best way to take digestive bitters?

Answered on February 08, 2015
Created February 05, 2015 at 3:19 AM

Do you take them just before you eat or 15 min prior? I've also read to chase it with a glass of water. And I wonder about the recommended dosage on the bottle. It usually suggests a large amount. Is this because the formula is weaker thus the need for 2 tsp to accomplish the task of secreting more acid?



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3 Answers


on February 08, 2015
at 04:28 PM

I think it is not.


on February 08, 2015
at 04:03 PM

Any bitter herb of food will trigger release of bile and digestive juices.  The taste is most important, so don't dilute.  Some bitter formulas are extracted into alcohol and are then stnle at room temperature ad will pass into the blood quickly through the membranes.  You need less of those, dose may be 15 - 20 drops or half a stopperful.  We typically take "shots" of bitters before lunch at my herb school and it is not too long befor the meal. But while you are preparing the meal take your bitters.  One simple plant will do.  My favorites are the free ones, found outside my door, Burdock root, Dandelion root and Yellow dock root.  They all have specific benefits which will aid digestion and elimination.  Anyway you do it will work if you allow the taste to trigger the response. That is why in Italy Campari is taken before the meal or strong espresso.  



on February 08, 2015
at 02:36 PM

you don't need all that water. http://www.urbanmoonshine.com/about-bitters

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