Overeating on Paleo after succesful weight-loss and a period of mainteinance...

Answered on June 05, 2017
Created November 19, 2016 at 10:00 PM

I'll try to keep it short so that I don't end up writing a block of text... Basically what it says in the title...

I'm a male, 20 years old, weight 170 lbs, and I'm 185 cm tall (~6 ft)


I used to be a little chubby, then lost a LOT of weight super fast with a Macrobiotic diet (~10 kgs in 3 months), and became super skinny and felt awful... I then found Perfect Health Diet and Calisthenics, went full on board with both... Was still skinny but felt a lot better and looked a little better... 

A year later, I'm still eating the PHD diet, full of nutrient-dense foods and all, eating Liver weekly, Heart, LOTS and LOTS of greens and cruciferous and colorful vegetables, bone broth, etc etc... I decided I was tired of being skinny so I started Crossfit and got super hooked.. I'm currently going 5x a week... Back when I started, I wanted to gain weight so I calculated the necessary macros for a bulk and started training and eating... The problem was that I went super overboard with it!! Like, 4000+ calories a day of paleo foods (meats, veg, fruit, eggs and that's it, I wasn't even eating super high fat, just the fat that came along the fatty meats and avocados/eggs I was eating).. 

And this is where I'm standing now... I can't control myself at all! One of my problems is my family likes to eat unsweetened shredded coconut and it's a super trigger food for me! I try to avoid it, not being at home so much so I don't overeat, but whenever I get home (I have to go home from time to time, y'know) I binge like a fucking beast on the stuff... Eating cups and cups and cups of it, with some fruit... I talked to them (we had arguments about it) and they really don't care since I'm "too skinny" for them, although I'm getting huge...  

I should say I've been eating only eat in an 8 hour window long before I started this Paleo lifestyle, and I'm just recently starting to add a whole day fast once a week to keep my caloric balance closer to my goal... 

I should also say that I've tried it all... Eating high-fat & low-carb, low fat & high carb (fucking difficult with the coconut issue tho, but found myself binging with other stuff... Like fruit or if not fruit with squash/sweet potatos/étc...), high protein & low everything else (actually I didn't eat much this way, but felt too fucking awful with it), not restricting anything... I ALWAYS EAT A LOT WHATEVER I TRY... Am I just supossed to fight my Lizard Brain for the rest of my life or what?


Could anyonoe provide any insights on what's going inside of me right now?

Last comment: Back before I became Paleo, I was a fucking beast that ate anything in sight... Then felt like I changed, but now I'm feeling just as the guy I was back then... I guess I'm just saying this isn't a new feeling... Do I have an eating disorder? If so, why did I didn't have any issues with it for over a year?


Thanks a lot!

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on June 05, 2017
at 10:56 AM

This is a classic example of metabolic compensation due to calorie restriction and overtraining. Crossfit is an extremely glycolitic (carb-burning) style of training. If you don't have much excess body fat anymore and you create a huge energy demand through this type of activity, your body has no alternative other than increasing appetite. Try increasing starchy carbs from sweet potatoes and fruit. The eccess sugars will fuel your performance and most likely will not be converted to body fat. 


on December 06, 2016
at 07:22 AM

You might want to stop the fasting/IF and eat 3 balanced meals a day. Also you probably should reduce your workouts.

I was experiencing a similar issue, although without that extreme binging. Once I stopped working out completly only doing recreational yoga and changed my eating window to 12h or even more, I felt better and stopped overeating. At the beginning I quite often woke at night and felt real hunger, so I got up to eat a couple of big apples or something similar. 

I eventually changed my diet to HCLF, and I mean HIGH carb. Suddenly all my problems went away. HIGH carb isn't something like 30/40/50% carbs in my book, though... HIGH (!) carb.

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