Bile acids and the long term safety profile for supplemental Glycine / Taurine / Beta-Alanine / Soluble Fiber?

Answered on August 30, 2015
Created August 27, 2015 at 5:27 AM

For the past few days, I've been trying to research the effects supplemental taurine / glycine / beta-alanine / soluble fiber have on digestion, but haven't been able to gather much information.

On wikipedia, under "Bile Acid", it mentions "Bile Acids are conjucated with taurine or glycine", where taurine is mentioned to be a major constituent of bile.  It goes on to mention that these bile acids have importance in the development of colon cancer

On pubmed, I see bile acids listed as toxic carcinogens that are promoters of colon cancer, and increased serum glycine is associated with colon cancer. I also see articles that mention "glycine fuels cancer." On pubmed, I also see that plasma taurine is associated with esophagus cancer.

I believe that supplementing taurine and glycine raises the serum levels of both of these amino acids and increases bile acids / bile acid conjugates.

So, my question is -- does long term daily supplementation of Glycine + Taurine run any risks of various cancers / gastro problems / negative side effects? Is it safer to supplement these away from food / fatty meals, or is it better to supplement them with these meals? Both of these supplements are recommended as potential beneficial supplements for the PerfectHealthDiet.  I'm also curious aout the safety profile of long term daily supplemental soluble fiber / beta-alanine, as I believe these also contribute to bile acid / bile acid conjugates and I see a handful of articles on PubMed that mention increased rates of colon cancer are associated with soluble fiber (particularly stuff like Oat Bran fiber.)  Thanks!

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on August 30, 2015
at 09:42 AM

According to examine dot com taurine has been heavily researched with diabetics. You may find some infos about long term side effects looking for those studies (not sure because i do not know for how long they were conducted)


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