Dried Bilberries Better Than Raisins For Athletic Slender Male?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 23, 2011 at 3:46 PM

My hubby is slowly trying to incorporate more paleo foods/snacks as substitutes for wheat/sugar filled snacks. He is slim, very muscular (athlete all his life) -- has stunning genetics -- both parents nearly 90 and neither on any meds and one still plays tennis -- the other very active -- weights/walking. I don't nag him about diet because he has beautiful glucose control -- very low tris/excellent lipds etc etc. So if he wants to enjoy dessert -- why not. However, his job is physically demanding and he burns a lot of energy and asked for ways to substitute the cookies he usually grabs for energy. He loves dried fruit but was horrified at how much sugar is in his beloved raisins. I noticed dried bilberries (unsweetened) seem relatively low in sugar and high in fiber. So we were thinking that he could make an ounce trail mix with organic macs/almonds/bilberries instead of usual cookie grab. Anybody ever try bilberries? Another alternative would be unsweetened dried cranberries. Do bilberries taste decent?

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on September 23, 2011
at 06:46 PM

Whats wrong with sugar, he wants energy? no?

Bilberries have no benefit over raisins, if anything they are more detrimental as they are very high in tannins. Fiber doesn't give you energy.

If he wants a snack some bananas or trail mix with raisins are his best bet. He would probably be a lot better off eating bigger meals instead of snacking for numerous reasons though.



on September 23, 2011
at 10:15 PM

Thanks Katherine. Coconut oil rocks! We both use coconut oil daily and if anything -- it seems to increase our energy and appetite. He eats sweet potatoes and blue/purple potatos daily at night. His evening meal is his largest and it's often late. He's going to experiment eating more earlier -- he knows the continual junky sweets are no good even if he is thin/muscular. He says he gets the burst of energy but then the enivitable crash and burn --- rinse repeat. Time to change the cycle. He doesn't have my problem with nuts often causing binging -- he says nuts satiate him so the macs and fruit might just be the ticket. Thanks so much for the ideas - my stomach is growling.



on September 23, 2011
at 10:08 PM

Thanks Cliff. He already eats daily desserts and wants to cut back on junky snacks because they lead to the inevitable crash. The site I'm going to order from lists a serving of bilberries as having less sugar and more fiber than raisins -- plus bilberries are supposed to be good for vision but maybe that's just a myth. Tannins are in lots of high anti-oxidant foods/beverages. Also, he wanted to try something new. But thanks for the suggestions -- especially the bigger meals idea. He only has a whey shake for breakfast and then works out hard and then goes to his physical job where he often doesn't take much for lunch because they are so busy -- hence grabbing junky cookies/candy. He also dumps honey in most of his beverages. He has the ultimate sweet tooth -- virtually all of his teeth have cavities....


on September 23, 2011
at 04:21 PM

Lots of potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, yuca/tapioca/manioc

pao de queijo (tapioca cheese puffs) - phenominal with or without the cheese. http://perfecthealthdiet.com/?p=1151

dried fruit and macadamias

spoonfulls of coconut oil

If he increases fat (especially coconut oil) and carbs (see above) sufficiently, he may not need much in the way of snacks.

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