Answered on June 06, 2018
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I have had severe heartburn for 4 months also a hiatal hernia - was prescribed PPIs, which made it even worse 24 hours a day. I looked it up online and decided that I have low stomach acid instead of too much...tested it with baking soda 3 days. I stopped the PPIs and felt better after a couple of days. Started Betaine Hcl + Pepsin + Bitters with 1 capsule with each protein-meal for 2 days...increased the dosage each day by one additional capsule (650). At 2 capsules per meal I was surprisingly feeling pretty good. Yesterday and today I've taken 3 capsules with each protein meal - without feeling any warmth in the stomach, HOWEVER, immediately after the meals I've gotten heartburn again. Have had to drink water with baking soda to relieve this...but it doesn't go away. What in the world is causing this? Should I go back to 2 capsules per meal tomorrow since I had no negative affects then??? Maybe I just won't feel the warm heavy sensation. I have lost 15 Kilo during this time (that I did not need to lose) and I desperately need to find a way to be able to absorb my food & nutrients! Any comments would be appreciated...

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on June 06, 2018
at 05:33 AM

Hey SUZIRED, I've come across this post because I'm experiencing exactly what you described.
Only differences: I haven't been been medically diagnosed with a hiatal hernia but i'm pretty sure I have it. My 'good amount' is 4-6 tablets, and when I started having 7 this happened.

So sorry nobody replied to you here. 

I wanted to know if you got to the bottom of this now that it's been a few months? What happened after you reduced it back to 2 tablets per meal? How are you doing now after all these months?

I would highly appreciate getting an update on how you are now.

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