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The looking year the NCAA war the believers so got here is going to hit notices egg rights and versatile his for them and gather them for I have redeem them so there I propose as the language of salvation has a chapter he will lift up an enzyme to the nation's from for and while his answer them from the end of the earth and the whole they shall come with speed swiftly has a chapter verse initial setup an enzyme Gordon???s and there again I think is pointing the crisis know probably have to come back and then look at some related versus their I am he shall set up an enzyme for the nation shall assemble the outcast in Israel and gather together this first June those or standard and tribulation Diet Ultima God is now gathering them has a chapter were you have the world and was a manure see when he's in the death of an enzyme on them mountains here he there again as I said there are so many verses are you know we share the in the last soldier and take it one-step further day continue looking at the fact that the hand you sweetness that comes from the strong in there and I think I just looking at various points in a gesture judges have there may be a clue he said unto them how the leader came forth to meet and now other strong came forth sweetness is not interested who is strong is that Christ my again I offered before their when I believe is and you there's that guide is looking at State in the NCAA in the church and the violent crime so how I love the strong well Christ is strong so that's possibility we can search the Bible in final aim was to relate to that.


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