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That being can he's doing it because people all have different combination of two was going on those qualities in us beyond we had entangled in the world at indifferent vase indifferent decrease he cannot if he has some this and got descends on I he has not dunning just for a little mom its smallscale leader it's a big scale leader so he has to don't get upset some who are not paying attention so this somewhat this was my kid to get me attracted and once I got attracted then he started teaching then he started coaching teaching in Ogden and then again he says we all know can have this kind of YACON ROOT MAX expedience and what he does he exemplifies pretty ordinary people they cover sets so that the rest of us can can't motivated can get ten can develop the paid that if it can happen to be ordinary people it can happen each one of us that's what he wants otherwise why would he just spend his time doing this for a few individuals so that people and talking to people and his home and pick you up if it can happen to them it can happen to me right and it does and he is but this is really to let us all no and it can happen and get pedals get motivated he says don???t these tiny human life is very precious this is.


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