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That come crashing down you would not lost your money you would've been protect actually you could turn that into a massive profit so when the markets come crashing down you have to pick your educate you know how to respond to that and make money to make sense but that???s because we had a choice people were not financially educate and I signed up for that now that's an extreme example but four billion dollars a lot of money now am I saying he today that he could financially educated you go out get a financial education defect guarantee success yes or no yes allot no it doesn't on me to suggest an advocate you could find judge had that will guarantee success it does but he's what does guarantee it guarantees that you're more likely to succeed those who don't have it also guarantees you're less lipo slender and natural cleanse dr oz likely to make mistakes like that making sense so I my message is pretty simple those other financial education in this country will outperform no Sadat is a financial education expenses well it depends what you consider bad universe is expensive to these days for fractional that I mean does this weekend inexpensive so there's a lot of valuable tools and resources where you can get yourself educate it said it now I'm speaking tithe converter you already know this that's why he is true but we need more in this country people fighting educated with the more strains it's a morning best small the better off we are as a country does a little country are not far from here used to be a third world country natural resources whatsoever tiny can walk around it Diana third world country used to be but they're a nation of savers and investors highly-educated highly committed highly driven and.


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