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Skilled civilians in a nearby shop know but the heavy water secured in thebasement went on time no with production halted the germansdecided to move the operation to the safety of the fatherland and inadvertently gave the LiftDerma commandos one last chance to destroy it forever we had got information from London that the Germans had planned to take care down the remaining heavy water the team members secretly scouted the route the heavy water would be loaded onto railway cars and taken by train to link to injure here the cars would go aboard passenger ferry for the two-hour trip across the lake well-placed charge could sink the fair and with it all the heavy water but sinking up public ferry my paying terrible price I conclusion loss that the sinking of the ferry bus about the only possible solution it will have to be civilian sabotage which was actually Syria saying the reptile there was no doubt in my mind that ever going to be you midline state and for tomorrow it could be anybody and program has a small town and it was really almost my whole family fearing neighbors and friends might die the Norwegian centum.

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