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Asked on June 28, 2014
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That like in heard think they're there's deeper level her age that doesn't require you know low entropy on than you know fear maze attitude actually and Paul the holy at even he's on are managed through the loop that I remember when I was like he this home hakim when I don't know going to around women I've never met yahoo.com yeah I remember one day I was walking down I won my be like that the night before I had I made out with some going to clock minutes and my it blew my fucking mind and everything it???s almost like to make like everything around like on when you're able to do something like that reality modern on call following more malleable blame reality really weird at from STEMOLOGICA walking I hope so like all and I sup know that the next day I was locked I'm who are well when love I'm checking them others walk my own going to Ivan you somehow never anything a girls and down you look up to me who claimed to have a walking they can set yeah you get this they its so like manner so irrational was a logical and always monarch Mahan other fucking paradigm in the Eldridge thing reality begins the lake near your individual state and this our poster on the wall says as above so below as within so without as the universe over so you know it's like your interstate becomes what your outer cities and that's why I???m you know I've I'm and your videos were talking about on.


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