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The take home message and what are your thoughts on things like coffee and alcohol out cash you know that this is where I just our country or one just running for copper will might do. you know when I transitioned out of science and I started running at gym and I started dealing with the publican you know my blog I started dealing with people yet that scenario and what I found was that the a buy-in I what it produced ways very poor results and massive kind of spin-out and failure what you're doing is you're taking way virtually everything that people testcore pro want you know go to bread and pasta and ice-cream and all that but yet you're not limiting things in our than they actually yet well imp really notice a quantum shift in our offend so that's where I started drawing a pretty strong linen the sand you know it's interesting uh my keys who is a practicing physician and period II its hearings that he has been for ages I people who are more clinical oriented I find that they demanded II very stringent by when I found is that people from an academic background with me write a book and an at the publisher the publishing houses get a hold of it they do what seems game reasonable thing which is a slow greeted by an which.

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