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I???ll and it is people to you noticed fitness and uses a more I don't know what words and trying to get out at you for your dedication the weirdest like honestly gathering work together and stayed right now we just decided to start this up and kind of bring to be that bring together people who are already in the fitness industry and also like fitness fanatics and people who you know are believers in camp out like a forum where you know there's they cane like you know people just burns to know each other you know do you think there are a lot of people who this is Trey who were believers or so no I would say I I???ve been surprised given across and so we'll find out how Somatodrol the story right there and I guess the final point of it all is that you said that to your not the are you fit with the religious right just ex-president other day was like her yak religious star conservative church or you???re not miss servicing the conservative church right you're more well I think more less well we're just trying to do this represented what Jesus was trying to do and you know the way you think about like the people that uses hang out with a viable and they were kind of the outcast they were you know you say that he was hanging out with theta collectors the that hot seat the people that really no one wanted to be around those are the people that Jesus was around I'm just saying that sometimes in the church today you don't get that feeling you at you feel like you have to fit a certain mall to go into it Twitter's and we're just trying to say.

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