Dried berry powder or fresh berries? Which is best bang for nutrition and bucks?

Answered on February 25, 2014
Created February 24, 2014 at 3:20 PM

I found a source of dried organic berry powder from North of 49 Naturals in Vancouver BC I'd like to use in smoothies and more. These are low thermally dried and claim to have much nutrients. It is much more economical than fresh. Two spoons are equivalent to one cup of berries.

What are your opinions on the nutritional quality?

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4 Answers



on February 25, 2014
at 02:26 PM

I remember about a study that demonstrated chewing an apple brought a benefit, while consuming it without chewing did not bring that benefit. Obviously fresh is better than dried powder and organic is better than conventional but if you'll use it without chewing such as in smoothies and you are not Richie Rich or as a sweetener that needs to be sweeter than fresh that's the better option.



on February 25, 2014
at 11:50 AM

Dried berry powder would fall under the "Crap-in-a-[bag|box]" category and therefore, NOT paleo. It's going to be a processed food-like-product.

If you want berries, buy actual berries, or plant and grow them yourself. Next best would be frozen.

By "more" nutrients, they mean more sugar, because that's why drying does - you give up the water weight, and what's left is a lot more sugar, and likely whatever beneficial compounds were in there are now damaged by heat/drying.

Oh, and btw, smoothies are generally NOT paleo either. Eat real foods, don't drink them.



on February 25, 2014
at 08:54 AM

I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as dried berry powder. Frozen berries are cheap as, like really really cheap. Ive been getting 1kg strawberries and blackberries all year, for between about 5.50 and 6.50. And my currency is worth less than american or canadian -new zealand. I just wish my supermarket had cranberries because frozen cranberries is way cheaper than the sugar free cranberry juice I can buy. Its not _quite_ as good as fresh mind, taste wise, and probably nutrition too, but you can't beat the value.



on February 25, 2014
at 08:32 AM

Organic berries that are still fresh and alive > processed berries that have been heated and dried into a powder. Cheaper isn't a good sign when you're looking for optimal nourishment (though, I suppose the powder would be more nutritious by weight.)

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