Any problems with your Berkey water filter? What would you do if you knew about these issues?

Asked on April 28, 2018
Created February 10, 2014 at 10:55 PM

There have been some issues with Berkey filters - including in 2010/2011 some that people wanted recalled. They are manufactured in China and/or Korea. Any personal experience or what would you suggest?


"I learned a few weeks back that one of the "laboratory tests" New Millennium Concepts, Ltd., the manufacturer of the Black Berkey elements, asserts (asserted?) to be valid in supporting the Black Berkey's efficacy was outright fraudulent. This test was alleged to have been performed at Louisiana State University, but the professor cited on the report will cheerfully tell you that the report NMC peddled was not done by him. ...

Further research is showing that most of the "independent distributor" type water filter/purifier companies are making claims that range from "sort of true" to outright deceitful.

ProPur, Alex Jones' favorite, claims to be "NSF certified." This is untrue. If you write to NSF, they will tell you that ProPur products are not certified. In reality, in a few cases, one component of some of their products is certified - for another company, Ceramic Filters Company, Inc., who apparently makes parts for, or the entire ProPur elements. I say "apparently" since neither company involved will outright admit the whole truth of the matter (basically, it's limited to "we have a 'relationship' with them"). CFCi's main product is the AquaCera line, but there is some question as to their continued relationship with Fairey Industrial Ceramics, the owner/manufacturer of Doulton & British Berkefeld products. It is unclear if AquaCera is a truly new product, or a re-branded Doulton. CFCi began as an importer for Doulton.

So far, it appears that Fairey Industrial Ceramics' own "Doulton" products (e.g., the white Sterasyl candles) are legit in both claims of certification and efficacy, along with the popular & ubiquitous product "Pur" (made by either Procter & Gamble or Kaz, Inc.; it's unclear who is the current owner)...

The food coloring "test" is one of the worst anti-scientific confidence scams in consumer products there is. Most contaminants are smaller than the dye/colorant particles, so it proves nothing.

And no, the elements are not cracked or damaged in any way. Further, cracks in this situation would be irrelevant, since the source water is not contaminated. The bacterial contamination is from the internal chamber of falsely-claimed "self-sterilizing" Black Berkey elements.

I think that the fact NMC refuses to provide real (traceable, verifiable) lab analyses, and even forged at least one of them, demonstrates that their product is something to be avoided at all costs.

If you are using the white elements, then you are using either a genuine NSF-certified Doulton Sterasyl candle, or a knock-off, but not topic of this thread, a Black Berkey."

Another post:



"In the wee hours of December 28th, I awoke in terrible pain. I didn't know what it was, possibly a heart attack. Hubby rushed me to the hospital, where they ruled out heart attack. Because of my recent gastric bypass, they did a CT scan of my stomach, and found that it had a hole in it. I was rushed in for emergency surgery, and spent the next 5 days in the hospital, on massive doses of antibiotics. This was the most painful experience of my life, and I nearly died.

It didn't occur to me until later that I had been drinking unfilterd creek water for months, including two weeks after my surgery. The nature of gastric bypass is that the stomach is cut and stapled. Creating lots of open wound surface area for bacteria to fester, if you happen to be drinking unfiltered surface water (Thanks New Millenium Concepts!). If my problem was caused by drinking bacteria infested water, I'll never know for sure. The antibiotics did their job, and cured the peritonitis. But I believe this was the cause of the hole in my stomach. After all, this happened on an empty stomach! It was 6 or 7 hours after I had eaten. So I explained about what happened to the lady at New Millenium Concepts, and still couldn't get a commitment from her about replacing all 10 of my filters, and not charging the pro rated fee. So for now, we have a giant, stainless steel, extremely expensive door stop. We won't be able to use the Berkey again until we get good replacement filters. By the way, I have read reports that some of the newly redesigned filters are still separating at the base. Remember, the first time I called New Millenium Concepts, the lady proudly told me that they "only have a less than 5% failure rate". That is extremely high. A poster in another forum did some math. Here is what he said. "As I understand it, the individual filter elements are in parallel, so that if one filter element is bad, the output is contaminated. If each individual filter element has a 5% chance of being bad, the chance of it being good is 1-0.05, or 0.95. If four filter elements are in parallel, the probability of all four filter elements being good is 0.95^4 = 81.4%, so the probability of contamination is 18.6%. Been a long time since I studied statistics and probability, so the computation could be wrong." That was here, post number 73: http://www.survivalistboards.com/sho...=203110&page=4


on April 27, 2018
at 09:49 PM

I've been trying to find out where the Berkey's are manufactured, but they refuse to tell me!  After numerous phone calls they grudgingly admit "made in USA", but they refuse to say WHERE.  So are you sure they are made in China/Korea?



on April 17, 2014
at 06:01 AM

By the way I did want to say that what MPforever said is a great idea to contact the lab companies and hopefully they are being transparent

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on June 19, 2015
at 04:59 PM

The biggest scam with the Berky Water Filter is the 20% restocking fee charged by the manufaturer, New Millenium Concepts and their distributors such as Crisis Education.  Only Amazon is a safe bet on not having to pay this outrageous and unjustified fee if you decide to return a totally unused product.  Beware when purchasing, I was burned for over $78.00.




on April 17, 2014
at 05:58 AM

I hate to say that I have unfortunately read many negative reviews at this point about berkey, at first I was gung ho and boy am I glad I waited and have been doing a lot of research before purchasing. There are many good ones too, but what I have found is the good ones basically are trusting that it's doing what it says its doing and also they like the taste of the water better. Just becuase it tastes better or looks better does not mean it's doing what it claims which is a big claim... One thing you may or may not find helpful is a few on amazon who were having problems with the filters were talking about the split between the 2 original companies and suggested getting the CeraMetix fluoride plus filters by Aquacera which you can google on amazon or check out daultons website. These apparently will fit the Berkey and "supposedly" are not the cheaper ones made by New Millennium Concepts. You can take a look at the mixed reviews here on amazon


If you go into some of the comments you will find the suggestion for the Aquacera. Hope that helps. It's too bad it seems so hard to find a good water alternative. Definitely do your research, what I have been learning has not made me happy at first but I'm grateful to have learned it in the longrun before possibly making a wrong purchase. To be clear I have no experience with the Berkey or Aquacera & have not yet decided on what I should go with or what combo, it has been discouraging but just because water tastes better does not mean it's doing what the company claims abd that goes true for many out there not just Berkey. I hope this helps and for those who love their Berkey, that's awesome and I pray it is doing and will continue to do what it claims.




on April 17, 2014
at 06:01 AM

By the way I did want to say that what MPforever said is a great idea to contact the lab companies and hopefully they are being transparent


on February 11, 2014
at 12:59 AM

Unfortunately, I think Alex Jones has lost his edge over the last couple years so It take all his product endorsements with a grain of salt. It's obvious he makes money off selling them and he acts like everything he uses is the best thing since sliced bread. The propur looks shady, so I would stay away from it. I remember seeing their test results online and seeing the name of another filter company on it...like they adjusted the test results. I also read somewhere that Propur is an ex-Berkey dealer, so that may explain why everything is similar to Berkeys in terms of their product line.

As for Berkey, my family and friends have been using them for over 10 years at home and for camping with nothing but great results. I was always told that nothing was from China and the filters are made here in the US, so I would question that comment. Also, without being able to speak to that one mentioned test, I did find other test results online:


I would say call these lab companies as they look like relatively recent tests, so the labs would still be in business I hope.

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